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As a yoga teacher, you’re likely constantly on the lookout for inspiration and new ideas you can use in your teaching. Sometimes you might even want to refer to other yoga instructors for people to follow or to learn more from yourself.

Today we’ve put together a list of five YouTuber yogis you can check out to gain more inspiration from and even send out to your students to watch on days they don’t have a class. With restrictions still in place in some parts of the US, online yoga may be the only option available. You’ll want to start a new flow right after reading this.


If you’re looking for a yogi who has years of professional experience under her belt and who can help you create better yoga classes or just build better practice, then Rachel Scott should be your go-to. Not only does Rachel have the ability to teach you new flows and help you strengthen your abilities but she’s also built yoga training and manuals. If you have students who want more training from an education standpoint, you’ll want them to check out Rachel.


How many of your students are beginners? Or how many of them do you know haven’t ventured into online yoga? Yoga with Adriene may be the best place to direct them. Adriene is the top yoga content creator on YouTube, currently with other 9 million subscribers. She follows the motto, “find what feels good,” repeating the mantra multiple times throughout every video. Her practice is great for beginner, intermediate, and advanced practitioners alike. Her channel is the place for videos since you have close to 600 to search through. Check her out to find some flows, even you may not have even come across.


Many people find it difficult to practice yoga in public settings because of anxiety around doing a pose perfectly or how they look doing yoga. Body Positive Yoga has been trying to change this since 2012. They describe themselves as, “low-pressure judgement-free yoga for big bodies, creaky joints, and beginners.” If you’re looking for adaptable modifications you can use in your teaching or for a movement that is hoping to make yoga available to all bodies, Body Positive Yoga is where to start.


Are you looking for asanas that stem from yoga’s traditional southeast Asian roots? If so, Traditional Yoga is for you. Led by Dr. Kumar, an internationally recognized scientist and yoga and meditation instructor, you can be assured these vinyasas are coming from a pro. The YouTube channel holds daily live yoga classes that give insight into traditional teachings from Hatha and Raja yoga. Traditional Yoga aims to promote the study and practice of traditional yoga and can be a great place to begin learning more.


There you have it, five yogis you should check out for new outlooks on yoga. We hope this short list gives you more places to find yoga inspiration or find new yogis you can reference to your students. No matter the level your students are at, you’ll be able find material they can use too.


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