8 Gift Options For The Yogi In Your Life

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Deep breaths and even deeper stretches are what get every yoga lover’s heart racing. That, and their incredible drive to push themselves through every pose.

Wouldn’t it be nice to give the yogi in your life the best Christmas gift this year?

From mats to bottles, we put together this list of 10 great gift ideas for the yoga enthusiast in your life! Or maybe you’re shopping for yourself…

In either case, we’re sure you’ll find something below.


Yoga Mat

Every yogi will have different preferences about the kind of mat they use. Some people exclusively attend hot yoga classes where they’ll need grippy, anti-slip mats, while others may be more on the go and are looking for the perfect travel mat.

You might want to do some snooping to scope out what they’d use the most, but one kind of mat you can’t go wrong with is a cushioned mat with a lifetime warranty!

The Manduka PRO mat with a closed-cell surface prevents moisture from seeping into the mat, making it ideal for hot yoga classes. It’s high-density cushioned surface has yogis claiming you don’t even feel the ground below you, making for an unparalleled experience in practice. Plus, with a lifetime warranty, if anything happens to it you could get it replaced!

Check out Manduka or Amazon to purchase.


Yoga Block

What better way to support your yoga-loving friends than to physically gift them some literal support in the form of a foam or cork yoga block!

Yoga blocks are great for yogis at any level; they aid in increasing flexibility, can help support venturing into new poses, and can make practicing yoga easier on joints and muscles.

Blocks are either made of cork or foam and the option is completely up to preference. Neither is really better than the other as they accomplish the same task.

Gaiam is a well-known player in the yoga world. They make all things yoga-related, including two different kinds of blocks. With their foam blocks, you get colorful options that help you get back to basics. Their cork blocks are approximately the same weight and size but provide a more minimalistic aesthetic to a yoga space. Check out both blocks before making a decision on which to get!


Yoga mat bag

No one likes lugging gear around. Sometimes it feels like there’s just too much to carry.

Help make it fun for your friends by gifting them a cool new yoga mat bag they can use in the new year! Mat bags these days are either meant solely for the yoga mat, making it easy to prevent any mat disfigurement and keeping it compact. Other bags are more like gym bags in the sense they allow you to carry even more stuff. If your friend is often packing up her mat, blocks, towel, and bottle, a bigger bag might be a good option.

This bag from Gaiam is top-loading and easily holds a yoga mat and maybe a small sweat towel. With its design pattern, your friend is sure to be asked, “OMG, where did you get your bag?”

If you know your friend really does carry around a lot of stuff, then we suggest this bag from Aurorae. Their multi-purpose crossbody backpack has enough room for not only their mat but even a change of clothes, some shoes, and a couple of towels. Space for the win!


After a few sweaty yoga sessions, every yogi will need to clean their mat. And if you’re using a studio’s mat, you’ll never be sure of the last time it was wiped down.

Protect your mat, and yourself, with these yoga wipes from Jasmine Seven which are made with 100% natural ingredients. These wipes are great because not only are they going to kill any bacteria on your mat, but they can also be used on your body! Imagine how relaxed and energized your friend will feel after a yoga session that ends with a wonderful lavender scent.


Oil Diffuser

Nothing makes a yoga session more zen than having a relaxing scent diffused throughout the room. If you know a yogi looking to buy a diffuser, why not get it for them? These days they’re everywhere and there are so many options!

We suggest this Ultrasonic Cool Mist Diffuser from QUSUP. With 7 different colored LED lights, this thing will beautifully light up a room while also being a unique piece of décor while not in use.


essential oils

If you do happen to get your friend a diffuser for their yoga space then you’re definitely going to need to purchase some oils to go with it. Or, you could just let them know about these 10 oil blend recipes to maximize relaxation, imbue them with peace, or simply help them sleep.

This set of 9 oils from Natrogix Bliss is a good starting point. They come with access to an online blend recipe ebook and are all tested and approved by the FDA. So, not only do they get essential oils, but they get peace of mind knowing they’re mindfully sourced and tested.


Yoga Subscription Box

These days, there is a subscription box for absolutely everything—even yogis! If you’re looking to gift something full of surprises you should check out Yogi Surprise’s Yoga Box.

The box is a monthly subscription and comes with 100% vegetarian and cruelty-free items. Each box is curated with pure, natural, and sustainable goodies that can help yogis on and off the mat. It’s a great gift option because you can just buy a single month and send it to your friend. Easy-peasy.


Does the yogi in your life happen to be an instructor? Maybe you know someone looking to get certified to teach yoga or someone who is certified on the search for teaching jobs. Whatever the case, the greatest gift a yoga instructor could receive is an annual yoga teacher insurance policy from Insurance Canopy!

For example: With yoga teacher insurance, yoga teachers are protected against third-party liability claims that arise out of their business operations. Their business operations include everything they do while teaching a class including leading positions, moving equipment, and adjusting students into proper form. So let’s say the yogi you know if teaching a class in their local gym. In that class there’s a student who needs help getting their body into the right position. Your friend goes over to them and helps them move their legs into the proper stretch by moving their leg into the right place. A week later that student is in pain and claims an injury due to the adjustment from your friend, causing them to sue your friend. In this case, your friend could have most associated costs covered by their insurance and not have to worry about the thousands she would have to spend out of pocket if she was uninsured.

And, did you know yoga teacher insurance is usually required before yogis can begin teaching in yoga studios and gyms?


We hope this list gave you some gift ideas for the yoga enthusiast you know! Let us know what you decide to give them and how much they end up loving it in the comments.

Give the yogi in your life something they need by gifting them a policy today! Yoga teacher insurance starts at $129 for an annual policy and can be purchased online in less than 10 minutes.

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