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On top of teaching your yoga students how to improve their balance and flexibility, there’s a lot of behind the scenes work outside the studio and it can keep you busy. That’s the world of a small business owner! You may be looking for ways to better market your business or researching the best equipment for your classes. Have you considered how you’re protecting your efforts?

Aligning your business with Yoga Insurance can be beneficial in many ways. Let’s jump right in!

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You’re confident in your ability to teach others and that’s one of the reasons you chose to pursue a career in yoga. Each class brings new people and new experiences. Never count on things always going according to plan, though. There are risks in every business and yoga is no different.

Your client could slip on a wet surface at the studio and sustain a fracture. The trip to the emergency room and the time off to recover can lead to a very unhappy student. According to the National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI), “22% of slip/fall incidents resulted in more than 31 days away from work,” You could possibly face legal action since they missed out on income and have expensive medical bills to pay.

General liability is designed to respond to bodily injury and property damage claims you are legally liable to pay for. This coverage is essential for business owners to carry and is included in Insurance Canopy’s Yoga Insurance policy.


Yoga mats, foam blocks, and straps are important items needed for your classes. Think of the time, money, and research spent on finding the best things for your business. Your assets need a safety net and deserve to be protected. The last thing you want to deal with are your yoga mats or your car reader getting stolen.

Unfortunately, these instances can’t be completely avoided. Enter equipment coverage (aka inland marine coverage). It is designed to protect your assets from damage/theft. However, it will not cover buildings, structures, or anything being transported over water.

Insurance Canopy offers this additional coverage to your Yoga Insurance policy. No need to manage two separate policies from two companies! You can easily add layers of coverage with us.


Marketing your business can be a challenge. You need to be creative and find ways to stand out from competition.

At Insurance Canopy, we offer all our customers an insurance badge. Many yoga instructors have found that having coverage boosts their credibility and professionalism. Plus, you can use the badge on your website, social media channels, and business cards. On top of providing comprehensive coverage, we pride ourselves on being a business resource and find creative solutions to help out our customers.


It’s common to teach at several different studios. Many studio owners will require you to carry Yoga Insurance. They want to protect themselves from liability and will ask to be added as an additional insured. An additional insured is an endorsement on your Yoga Insurance policy and extends coverage to them if a lawsuit occurs.

Let’s say your student gets injured at the studio and sues you for loss of income. They also want to include the studio owner and possibly gain more money out of the ordeal. Your policy could extend coverage to them since the studio owner was not at fault.


We are pleased to offer our customers monthly payments! It’s not always feasible to pay the entire amount upfront and make it easy for more business owners to get coverage. You can get Yoga Insurance starting at $12.50/month. If you would like to protect your business with one payment, we offer coverage starting at $129/year. It takes less than 10 minutes to get a Yoga Insurance quote.

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