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So you’re finally a certified personal trainer, that’s great! Congrats on moving forward with your career to help others meet their health and fitness goals. Having support when you’re trying to make healthier strides can really break or make someone, but in your endeavors, you won’t always be the right trainer for your clients, and that’s okay!

You’ll get to work with many individuals throughout your career, and in this blog, we want to help you determine what boxes should be checked off in order to know that you are the right fit for someone. You should walk away from this with a better understanding of who you should aim to work with and how you can be flexible in helping those who may not be the best fit.

Let’s get started.


Where do they prefer to train?

You’ll want to be sure you’re training in a space your clients feel comfortable, secure, and meets their expectations. If you’re training at a large gym and your client is hoping for someone who offers home-gym training or vise versa then consider if it is a good fit. Be sure your clients are aware of where you are available for sessions and if possible, make adjustments based on their expectations and your resources.

What kind of experience do they want you to have?

Sometimes, you’ll run into potential clients who want to know you’ve worked with similar folks in the past. They may want to see before and after photos of your previous clients or ask for testimonials about working with you. If you’re just starting out, these clients might not be the best fit but after putting in the work with a few people you’ll be able to refer to others you’ve helped before.

What is their philosophy toward health and fitness?

You want to work with someone who is hoping to have a similar view on health and fitness as you. Are you a trainer who wants to reach extremes at the gym? Or are you all about feeling good and keeping it light? You want your clients to be on the same page as you with their goals and method to achieve them so be sure that your wellness philosophy is what they’re looking for.


Are they in search of additional services?

Do you also happen to be a nutritionist or dietitian along with a personal trainer? There are so many people these days who aren’t just wanting coaching in the gym, they want someone who can give them the right idea for how to manage their nutrition. How you eat is often even more important than how you exercise so if someone is seeking nutrition services along with their fitness, you’ll be the perfect trainer for them. If this isn’t a realm of your expertise then you’ll also want that to be known.

Are they looking for specific training?

Do you have any specific training that could make or break a relationship with a client? Have you ever trained people to run marathons? Or do you maybe have years’ worth of a particular sport under your belt? If any of these are the case (or if something else applies that we didn’t list) then you’ll have people who want experienced training working with them flocking to you. If you can confidently help someone meet very specific goals, you’ll continue to build your credibility and help more people. Don’t be afraid to say you lack experience in something though, you won’t always be the best fit for everyone.

Are they in search of personalization?

Working with a trainer should not be a “one size fits all” ordeal. If you are of the mindset that, “All my clients do X, Y, and Z,” then every client relationship may not work out the best. You’ll have clients who want you to personalize sessions, listen to what their bodies say, and communicate effectively. Communication will take you a long way in your personal training career.

The best way to gather this information about your clients is to talk to them! This can either be an in-person consultation or a conversation over the phone. You can collect their information via a contact form on your website, send them an email with a Google Form, or have them fill out a simple printed questionnaire at the gym. Whatever method you choose, it will help you know more about your clients, which will help you determine if you’re right for each other.

Being a personal trainer can be hard work. Each potential client you meet is going to have different goals and views on fitness and you’re going to want to be flexible in your approach while still doing your best to offer them personal trainer services. You never know who is going to seek out your services and you shouldn’t be afraid to tell someone if you don’t think you are the best fit for them.


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