We all saw the yoga novelties 2019 brought with it—goat and puppy yoga, but now we want to talk about what trends you should incorporate during classes in 2020. And if it’s not something you think you can do in class, encourage your students to find somewhere else to try out one of these trends.

On top of yoga trends, we’ll tell you a little about yoga insurance and how it can make your 2020 the best year of your career.

Let’s talk trends.

1. Kids’ Yoga

Do you have kids running around at home? Or does your sibling? Have you ever looked into holding mommy-and-me yoga classes or classes just for children?

In 2020, expand your audience by branching out to the younger demographic and inviting them to deeply stretch and breathe. Your class could be a beginner’s class emphasized for kids or classes for parents where their child gets in free.

Getting kids started young is great because of the added benefits for stress management and mindfulness. Many parents don’t even think their kids get enough active time at school making for extra activities a must during the week.

2. Bro-ga

Have you ever wondered why there aren’t a ton of men in your classes? Sometimes, guys are a little shy when it comes to trying yoga. Many think the practice is solely for females and opt instead for more “hard-core” workout classes. We all know those guys would be sorely mistaken, so why not hold some male-only yoga classes?

Yoga classes specifically for men are usually targeted workouts so look into what poses and flows would be best beneficial for your clientele by asking around or doing some online research. Broga classes would focus on core strength, building muscle, injury relief, as well as increasing flexibility.

3. Using Tools

Not enough people put their stretch bands and foam blocks to use during yoga practice. Are you encouraging poses that incorporate tools? That might be one of your focuses this year in your more advanced classes, where students are more likely to own some of those foreign weapons.

Aside from blocks and wheels, you can also encourage the use of digital tools such as apps to keep track of yoga workouts or fitness goals. If you’re still hoping to keep the mindfulness/meditation trend of last year going, then create a list of apps you enjoy that your students could enjoy too.

And, don’t forget to teach your class how to use their yoga tools correctly. You’ll more than likely have someone in class who has never used a yoga wheel or block before and they’ll want to make sure they’re using them the way they were intended to be.

4. At-Home Yoga

If you’re only teaching in the studio once a week, then encourage your students to practice at home! Online yoga classes are everywhere these days with instructors finding niches in specific practices, so there’s a class for absolutely everyone!

You could even curate a list of your favorite YouTube instructors to share with your classes so they have a place to start looking. Maybe you already have a list of people who flow in the same style you do.

5. Buying Insurance

No lawsuits in 2019? Awesome! Keep that streak going. However, in the unfortunate event that you do encounter a lawsuit, enjoy peace of mind knowing you’re covered by carrying yoga insurance from Insurance Canopy throughout your 2020.

Our yoga insurance application is completely online and can be completed in less than 10 minutes. Simply put in your information and have instant access to your proof of insurance documents.

With yoga insurance, you allow yourself to get into gyms and studios that require it, make it possible to include additional insureds, and build your credibility as a professional.

Make 2020 your year by following these trends and carrying your best asset: yoga insurance!

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