You’ve dedicated yourself to the gym and your clients. You’ve spent countless hours on your certification and now your clients think you know how to whip them into shape faster than they can say burpee.

Although you do your best to ensure the safety of your clients, unfortunately, avoiding work-related accidents is not always attainable.

Here’s the rundown on why personal trainer insurance is cheaper than a lawsuit and worth the cost.

Personal Trainer Insurance Assists with Building Client Trust

The core of your business is building solid relationships with your clients. Having insurance can peg you as a serious professional not only to your clients but to the gym you work for as well.

Gym Equipment can Cause Injuries

Bodily injury claims cost thousands and can be financially devastating to your career. One trainer was sued by a client when a fitness band that she was instructed to use snapped, causing her to go blind. Personal trainer insurance can cover you if you’re involved in a lawsuit involving bodily injury claims.

Providing Fitness Advice is a Risk

There are many types of injuries that can transpire when you work with people and offer fitness advice. One woman sued her personal trainer after she suffered permanent damage to her spine as a result of the fitness advice provided by her trainer. She injured herself during her session, filed a lawsuit and was awarded $980K by a New York judge.

Personal Trainer Insurance is Cheaper than a Lawsuit

Attorneys can charge anywhere from $50—$1,000 per hour in fees in addition to a hefty retainer. Court costs and legal fees are enough to cripple your career as a personal trainer. Insurance is a much cheaper alternative to enduring a long claims process in court.

While the possibility of a lawsuit is not entirely preventable, you can take measures to protect yourself. Join the thousands of personal trainers who are already insured by Canopy today.

Personal Trainer Insurance starting at $129/year.

*All insurance policies have conditions, limitations and exclusions. Please refer to the policy for exact coverages.