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Don’t Let An Unfortunate Incident Catch You Off Guard. Protect Your Business With Vape And E-cigarette Insurance

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Don’t Let An Unfortunate Incident Catch You Off Guard

As an e-cigarette and vape business owner, you are surely aware that these devices are capable of exploding and causing varying degrees of injuries. On one side of the spectrum, a customer could experience a minor injury while another consumer could suffer serious burns from an exploding device. In some unfortunate situations, a consumer could potentially die from using your product and the consequences could be more severe.

The bottom line is e-cigarette explosions are becoming all too common in the industry. Vape and e-cigarette companies throughout the country are dealing with faulty devices that injure their customers. If you manufacture or sell these products, you could be held liable for incidents like these.

Safeguard your livelihood with e-cigarette and vape insurance.


It’s every vape and e-cigarette business owner’s worst nightmare. Could you imagine waking up to a $1.9 million dollar product liability lawsuit? In 2017 alone, over 120 lawsuits were filed in the United States over explosions and fires due to e-cigarette batteries. If it can happen to them, it can certainly happen to your business. The following cases made headlines because of the large jury award.

A California Woman Sustains 2nd Degree Burns

Jennifer Ries plugged her e-cigarette charger on her way to the airport and the charger ignited her dress. Ries’ husband extinguished the flames, but Jennifer suffered second-degree burns on her buttocks, thighs, and part of her hand.

Due to the unfortunate incident, the couple rushed to the urgent care clinic and burn clinic instead of boarding their flight to Brazil. Ries filed a lawsuit against the wholesaler and the manufacturer. After a nine-day trial, the jury awarded Jennifer $1.9 million dollars and the case was closed.

“It was an accident that completely changed my life,” said Ries, 31, “You never expect when you buy something that it’s going to misfire or break or injure you. It was extremely scary.”


You can either get caught off guard with a lawsuit, such as the one mentioned above, or you can have the peace of mind knowing your business is protected from unexpected incidents with e-cigarette and vape insurance.

Here’s a breakdown of how e-cigarette and vape insurance can help you:

General Liability

The standard coverage for general liability coverage is available up to $5 million and this will cover you if you are ever taken to court. If you are sued and had to pay for damages, the legal fees may be covered with insurance. This could essentially save you hundreds of thousands of dollars. The worst thing would be going bankrupt, due to a costly lawsuit without e-cigarette and vape insurance.

Product Liability

This type of coverage provides protection against bodily injury and property damage losses arising out of some defect in the product you sold, manufactured, or distributed.

Common product liability claims include:

  • Defective manufacturing claim
  • Defective design claim
  • Defective warning or instruction claim
Product Recall

This type of coverage covers expenses associated with recalling a product from the market.

Could you afford to shell out expensive legal fees from your lawyers? If your business can’t take the expensive financial strain, you might have to take a hiatus or even close down for good.

The last thing you want to do is leave your business vulnerable without e-cigarette and vape insurance. You have spent hours building your business and you need to protect your livelihood. With Insurance Canopy, you can get a quote within 24-48 hours and our licensed agents can answer additional questions for you.

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