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Supplies That Every Magician Needs

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There’s more to a great magician than just tricks up their sleeves—as it turns out, there’s a lot of gear, too! 

If you’re a professional magician or aspiring to be one, having all the essential equipment is an important part of your business. After all, the last thing you want is to run out of tricks to keep your audience entertained.

Whether you’re already a professional magician or just getting started, we’re covering some of the most important magic equipment you need to put on a great show, where you can buy it, and how to protect it with insurance.

Essential Magician Supplies

There are countless items available for magicians to buy and incorporate into their shows. Today, we’ll be looking at some of the staple gear you should have on hand.

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High-Quality Deck of Cards

A magician’s most fundamental tool is a high-quality deck of cards. From sleight of hand to mind-bending illusions, a deck of cards can serve many purposes in any given performance. Opt for durable, smooth-finish cards that are easy to handle and won’t wear out quickly. 

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Props and Accessories

To elevate your performance, investing in various props and accessories is crucial. These can include coins, rings, cups and balls, linking rings, silks, and more. Having a wide range of props at your disposal allows for greater versatility in your routines and keeps your audience guessing. 

Many of the tricks you’ll learn to perform will use the same props, so having a good selection at your disposal will pay off as you expand your skill set.

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Magic Wands

A magic wand adds a timeless touch of flair to your performance. Choose a wand that matches your style and stage persona. Whether it’s a classic wooden wand or something more modern and flashy, having one in your arsenal can enhance your stage presence. 

Of course, not all magicians want to use wands as part of their show. Ultimately, it’s up to your personal preference, so consider whether a wand suits your performance style. 

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Secret Devices

Secret devices are essential for executing mind-blowing tricks that defy logic and leave your audience amazed. These can include invisible thread, gimmicked coins, invisible ink, or even electronic devices that make it possible to pull off complex illusions. Mastering the use of secret devices requires practice and skill but can take your magic to new heights.

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Stage Props

For magicians performing on larger stages or in theaters, stage props are a must-have. From trap doors to disappearing boxes, these props allow you to perform the kind of large-scale illusions that work best in front of a big crowd. 

On the flip side, if you’re performing for smaller crowds where there may not even be a stage, such as birthday parties, it might not make sense or be possible for you to use stage props. For magicians who regularly perform on stage in front of bigger audiences, though, stage props can really elevate your show.

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Magic Books

With so many tricks available to learn online, it’s tempting to think that books about magic are out-of-date and irrelevant. This isn’t necessarily true, though—magic books are often great sources for tricks and illusions that have stood the test of time. 

Because so many magicians will turn to YouTube to learn magic tricks, books can be an excellent source of tricks that aren’t performed often today. These forgotten tricks can feel fresh and new to your audience, though, since they probably won’t have seen them performed by a different magician before you.

Where to Buy Magician Equipment

Now that you know what to buy, let’s talk about where you can find these supplies. There are plenty of online magic stores you can shop at to get equipment shipped right to your house. Here are a few that are particularly popular with other magicians:

  • Tannen’s Magic Shop: In addition to tricks, props, and books, you can visit their physical location in NYC to watch guest lectures from professional magicians. They even host an annual Magic Camp each summer, with notable alumni including David Blaine, David Copperfield, and Michael Carbonaro.
  • Daytona Magic: With a store in Central Florida, Daytona Magic also offers magic supplies via their online store. They also run the Daytona Beach Festival of Magic Convention each year, where magicians from around the world come to perform and learn from each other.
  • The Online Magic Store: As the name suggests, this shop is all online. In addition to offering bundle deals, they also offer a Creator’s Hideout program that allows magicians to submit their tricks for sale on their site.

While shopping online is convenient, don’t overlook the value of visiting a physical magician’s supply store near you. At a brick-and-mortar location, you may have the opportunity to ask a staff member to demonstrate a magic trick for you and give you feedback as you try it out yourself. 

How to Protect Your Equipment and Your Business

Having the right magic trick items is crucial for your success as a magician, but protecting that equipment is just as important. 

As you’re traveling between gigs, it’s all too easy for your magician supplies to become damaged or even stolen. Not only does this make it harder for you to perform at your best, but it can be a huge hit to your profits when you suddenly need to replace a stage prop or a costume.

Unfortunately, that’s not the only risk you face as a professional magician—if an audience member at one of your gigs trips over your equipment and injures themselves, they could sue you for medical costs. 

Many venues will also require you to show proof of insurance before hiring you, and may even ask that you add them as an additional insured on your policy to protect themselves.

With annual magician insurance from Insurance Canopy, you can protect your business from costly claims from $199 per year, and by adding tools and equipment coverage to your policy you can protect your personal property too. 


Building out your inventory as a professional magician is a big undertaking—there are countless tricks, props, devices, and more available to purchase both online and in brick-and-mortar magic stores. However, we hope this guide gave you a good idea of where to start as you embark on this journey.  

By gathering the right supplies and protecting them with insurance, you’ll be on your way to a successful magician career faster than you can say “presto”!

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