Here’s the common line of thinking: hit the gym, lift weights, do some cardio, and follow a good plan, and you’ll lose weight. Sounds simple and logical, right? Not so fast. Recent studies have shown that, while exercise is still valuable to a truly healthy lifestyle, it has little direct effect on weight loss. Check out what the experts have to say in this report.

Say it ain’t so, science! Unfortunately, it seems to be the case, as evidenced by the fact that Americans are exercising more than ever, but are also experiencing higher rates of obesity. In contrast, the Norwegians and Japanese seem to be doing just fine in terms of their weight, all while spending much less time exercising than Americans do.

On a brighter note, shout out to Colorado, Idaho, Massachusetts, Washington, and Utah—the five states with the highest percentage of residents who exercise daily. It may not be the biggest weight loss tool, but should certainly remain a part of your day.

For personal trainers, remember this as you work with clients. Make sure they know that effective weight loss (if that’s what they’re looking for) requires more than a few trips to the gym every week. And remember: no matter how well you do your job, there’s always a risk one of your clients will get injured. Protect yourself from this liability by signing up for personal trainer insurance today!