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Certus Offers High Quality Auditors Insurance At A Fraction Of The Cost

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There’s no doubt that receiving a professional certification can improve your auditing business.

As a professional in the standards and auditing industry, certifications can increase your professional recognition, lead to greater work compensation, and improve your opportunities for advancement within a company.

The certification process can be expensive though. The initial price of getting just one certification can cost well over $500, and that’s not even counting the hundreds of dollars you also have to pay just to maintain your certification through the years. If you want multiple certifications, which many professionals do, you could find yourself paying thousands of dollars every year.

Of course, the price you pay is worth the value the certifications create, right? At least, that’s what you tell yourself. But wouldn’t it be great if you could receive the same high-quality certifications for just a fraction of the price? Well, with Certus, you can.

Let’s take a look at what Certus is and how its certification programs can help you save money on your professional certification without compromising on quality.

Certus Was Founded On The Principles of Value, Quality, and Affordability

As a personnel certification body, Certus provides high-quality certifications for auditors and other standards professionals. What sets Certus apart from their competition, however, is its emphasis on affordability without compromising quality.

“Certification isn’t supposed to be easy, but it doesn’t have to be expensive,” explained Certus founder and CEO, Scott Paton.

Paton started Certus in 2020 with one simple goal in mind: to create a personnel certification body that offers the very best in professional certification without all the unnecessary expenses. And with almost four decades of experience in the standards and auditing industry, Scott knows exactly how to get it done.

With some of the most rigorous certification programs in the market, earning a professional certification through Certus really means something.

“Certus has a very solid certification process,” explained Paton. “In order to be certified by Certus, you must demonstrate professional experience and audit experience, and you must have received training. You also have to pass our comprehensive knowledge exam, which is built on ISO standards.”

On top of that, professionals are required to do 20 hours of professional development every year to maintain their Certus certification.

According to Paton, these requirements—while more rigorous than other certification programs in the industry—are extremely valuable for the certification bodies that contract with and hire certified professionals.

With the inherent value of its programs, you would think that Certus would actually charge more for its certifications, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

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Certus Offers Quality Programs and Other Services at a Fraction of the Price

Depending on the certification, Certus programs can actually cost as low as half the price of other certification bodies. How is this possible? The answer is simple: Certus is less expensive because it can afford to be.

“We’re less expensive because we don’t have to be expensive,” explained Paton. “As a virtual company, Certus doesn’t have the same level of overhead that some of the larger organizations have to worry about.”

Certus also offers discounts and other free resources to provide more value to individuals looking to receive a Certus certification.

“We also give discounts for seniors and for multiple certifications, which other certification bodies don’t do,” said Paton. “We also include any assessments or transitions you might need to do in the future to maintain your certification. While other companies might charge you upwards of $100 to take this kind of exam, with Certus it’s just included as part of your certification.”

In addition to these services, Certus also boasts a wide range of benefits for its auditors, including an online career center, digital badging and certificates, an online magazine, and discounted professional liability insurance.

Get Your Auditor Certification With Certus

Establishing credibility and creating new, rewarding business opportunities are wonderful goals you can accomplish through earning a professional certification, but it shouldn’t come at a cost that breaks the bank.

If you are a professional in the standards and auditing field, take a look at Certus. Their unique take on high quality certification without compromising quality could be exactly what you’re looking for.

If you already have your certification through another certification body, don’t worry. Right now, Certus is offering free certification for the duration of your current certification. If, at the end of your certification, you would like to switch to Certus, you may choose to make a seamless transition.

Learn More About Certus’ Certification Programs

Cover Your Business Today With Auditors Insurance

Similar to how certifications can create more professional opportunities when you get them, having good liability insurance can also greatly benefit your business. Auditors Insurance can offer financial protection in case you are held legally liable to pay for an accident or professional error on your part.

Presenting a certificate of insurance can also create credibility and trust with potential employers and clients, opening to doors to work for companies or for people you wouldn’t otherwise be able to do.

You can get a free online quote for Auditors Insurance and get you business covered in less than ten minutes. With Insurance Canopy, you can create more opportunity for yourself while resting easy with the knowledge that your business has the right protection in place if the need ever arises.


Certus is an official Insurance Canopy Partner. To learn more about Certus and how they can help your standards or auditing business, check out their services. For more Information about Insurance Canopy, check take a look at our online insurance programs or contact one of our licensed insurance agents today.


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