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How Entertainers Insurance Takes Center Stage

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Your talent and expertise take center stage at your gigs. When it comes to your business strategy, entertainers insurance can steal the spotlight. We’re guessing that insurance coverage isn’t the first thing you think of as a business owner. There are a lot of benefits to carrying business insurance and it could even help out. We are here to walk you through how essential coverage can be.

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Building your business can take time and a little patience. Every business owner starts at square one and works their way up. For starters, you want to work with the right tools. Entertainers insurance may be able to help you build up your marketing and client strategy.

By including a Canopy policy in your business, you have access to our insurance badge and it can be easily implemented. Many of our insureds use the insurance badge on their website sites, social media platforms, and business cards. According to a survey we sent to our insureds, 30% have reported having insurance has helped them gain clients.

As an entertainer, you may be juggling lots of events and venues. The longer you’re in the business, the more you come across venue owners who want to work with someone insured and it matters.

Venue owners want to protect themselves and their business. If a mishap occurred during an event and the claimant included the venue owner, it could mean a lot of financial trouble for them. By including them to your policy, they could receive coverage if brought into a lawsuit caused by your actions or operations.

By being insured and working with an insurance company that offers an option to include additional insureds, venue owners know they can turn to you.


There can be many entertainers in your area and that can make it difficult to stand out. You could possibly be competing with an entertainer that has the same qualifications.

From delivering great service to offering promotions, there are many things you can do to compete with fellow entertainers. Consider including entertainers insurance and using it to help your business stand out.

Your competitors may be running their business without insurance. Unfortunately, they are taking the risks and potential clients may not like it. Don’t be afraid to bring up that you’re insured during a business pitch! Clients may appreciate knowing that you’re covered and it could be something that may win them over.


Associations require that members pay for expensive fees. On top of that, you need to pay for entertainers insurance for an extra cost. Insurance Canopy provides coverage and doesn’t require that you’re an association member.

Canopy makes it easy by offering coverages for your business needs and flexible payment options. Our annual policy can be paid upfront or you can choose our monthly payment option. If you are not looking for anything long-term coverage, you can always opt-in for our event policy. That will cover you for 1–3 days.


Events can be unpredictable environments. It also doesn’t help that there are so many variables outside of your control. No matter how careful or how detail-oriented you are, there’s always a chance of something going wrong.

Imagine if one of your clients sued you. One mishap could lead to your business facing financial trouble. How would you handle it? Many people would be stressed beyond measure and trying to figure out next steps. It could be anywhere from trying to repair their reputation to figuring out how to pay those legal fees. A lawsuit alone could cost hundreds to thousands of dollars. The financial strain alone is something that most business owners can’t handle.

By carrying entertainers insurance, you have a financial safety net and an insurance company backed by “A-rated” carriers. It’s easy to conveniently file a claim and hear back from a claims adjuster in about a week. This is just another way of how Canopy makes it convenient for you and our insureds.


Many entertainers in the industry choose to run without coverage and take on all those risks on their own. When you consider the business benefits of carrying insurance, it may surely be worth the time and cost. According to a survey we sent to our insureds, 30% have reported having insurance has helped them gain clients.

While you’re running your business, your focus should be on taking it to the next level and not worrying about how to respond to a mishap. Entertainers insurance can offer peace of mind and help your business grow.

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