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Insurance Canopy Announces Partnership with IFTA

May 13, 2019, North Chesterfield, Virginia—Insurance Canopy has recently partnered with The Interactive Fitness Trainers of America (IFTA). As part of this ongoing partnership, Insurance Canopy will work with IFTA to find ways to help fitness instructors of various disciplines stay both certified and insured as they work with clients.

“Canopy is thrilled and excited to partner with IFTA. The work they do to help fitness instructors get and stay certified is on par with the vision we have for the fitness industry. We were especially drawn to their dedication in making sure their clients stay educated. We look forward to helping them in both providing education about fitness instructors’ need for liability insurance as well as providing them with affordable coverage options,” said Julie Sheffield, President of Insurance Canopy.

Insurance Canopy along with IFTA have made it a joint mission to educate members on liability insurance and provide coverage to them. Insurance Canopy offers affordable options for fitness instructors in their many disciplines, including personal trainers, yoga teachers, Pilates instructors, dance instructors and many more.

“IFTA is honored to announce a partnership with Insurance Canopy. Both companies are reputable, so they can work together cohesively; we are excited to inspire confidence in as many personal trainers and group fitness instructors as possible. We encourage our IFTA members to look to Insurance Canopy for their insurance needs,” says Greg Sims, co-founder and co-owner of IFTA.

Canopy’s partnership with IFTA will include written informative content to help clients of both Canopy and IFTA. The two will work together to improve the education and security of fitness instructors across the country.

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