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Following the call to become a yoga instructor brings a new sense of zen into your life. Not only are you learning to connect more deeply with yourself, but you are broadening that connection to others. You’ve taken the time to get certified and are feeling ready to inspire others. Where you choose to create a shala for your students and find the right yoga teacher insurance is the next important step.

Do you see yourself teaching outdoors? Or maybe bringing peace to employees in their office space? Not every instructor chooses to teach traditionally to students in a studio. Here are 8 unique places you can teach yoga.

A yoga instructor has a class in a public building with the safety of yoga teacher insurance.

  1. Festivals and retreats
    Imagine celebrating yoga with others who have the same passion as you. Each year, yoga festivals and wellness retreats occur across the nation. Register to instruct a class or teach a workshop to individuals who are already eager to learn more.
  2. Private parties
    Do you prefer teaching small groups? Birthday parties, baby showers, and bachelorette parties can be the perfect time for friends and family to come together for a private yoga class. A more one-on-one environment allows you to explore and adapt your teachings to the unique needs of each group.
  3. Hospitals
    For some individuals, the opportunity to further their personal healing journey can be a break from time spent in a hospital. While many of these students would need to take a modified yoga course, your gentle instruction may offer much needed relief and peace.
  4. Community centers and outdoor spaces
    Does your community host a wellness day? If so, this is a great opportunity to connect with people local to you. You can even work with other instructors in your area to host an event at a community park. Being outdoors offers a unique experience for your students to connect with themselves and with nature.
  5. Spas
    A location that is already centered around personal wellbeing, a spa is a great place to host a yoga class. Combined with other treatments, your students will hopefully be leaving rejuvenated and uplifted.
  6. Schools
    College wellness days or physical education for preschoolers offer you the chance to share your talents with actual students. Teaching self meditation practices and basic poses can inspire students of all ages.
  7. Corporate and business offices
    Some companies will offer yoga classes before and after work, or even during lunchtime, to offer stress relief to employees. Try reaching out to organizations that promote healthy living and personal wellness. Classes can be taught to teams, departments, or company-wide.
  8. Nursing homes
    Gentle physical activities, such as yoga, are great for older individuals that want to move their muscles in an easy way. Be mindful these students would need modified moves and more attention than others.

Did you know teaching yoga in new locations comes with new risks or possible requirements from facility owners? Insurance Canopy offers top-rated insurance for yoga teachers at a low, affordable price to both cover risks and meet requirements. Get peace of mind with coverage today for as low as $12.50 per month.

When looking for a new location, there are a few key things you need to consider, such as equipment required, insurance and permits, class sizes, and personal promotional items. These will help you be prepared to safely teach a course and grow your business.


Before you teach your class, consider visiting the location ahead of time. Know exactly where you will be located so you can give accurate directions. If you are outside, consider if you will need a tent to keep students out of the sun. If you prefer teaching with a microphone, ensure you have the right equipment to set yourself up.

Some locations may require you to provide your own equipment for attendees to use. Growing your own inventory of supplies allows you to make your business more mobile. Alternatively, you can work ahead of time with an event promoter to ask attendees to bring their own equipment. Be prepared to provide a list of items, and have a few back ups in case someone forgets.


In addition to being a great yoga teacher, you are also the owner of your own small business. While yoga is generally considered a low-impact workout, there is still the possibility for injuries and damages to occur. Being prepared for the unexpected gives you peace of mind, allows you to be eligible to teach in different locations, and helps you focus on doing what you love.

Navigating the world of yoga insurance and finding what’s right for you can be confusing. To help, Insurance Canopy broke down some of the most common terms you need to know.

  • General Liability: coverage for bodily injury or property damage (a student tripping in class or a mirror breaking)
  • Professional Liability: coverage for bodily injury for advice given at your professional expertise (a student spraining an ankle doing a pose you instructed)
    • Dietary and Nutritionist Professional Liability: coverage for bodily injury for diet and nutrition advice given at your professional expertise (a supplement you recommended gave a student an allergic reaction)
  • Product Liability: coverage for bodily injury or property damage due to use of a product you manufacture or sell (a student buys from your personal brand of yoga mats and it stains their carpet)
  • Inland Marine: coverage for your business property or equipment when in transit on land (someone breaks in and steals your wireless microphone system while traveling to an event or class)
  • Cyber Liability: coverage for the loss of business or customer information in the case of a cyber attack (someone hacks into your business’s credit card processing system and steals your customers’ banking information)
  • Additional Insureds: an individual or organization added onto your insurance policy (many business, like a facility or studio owner, may require to be added onto to you policy to protect themselves from lawsuits if property damage or bodily injury occurs at their location during one of your classes)

Insurance Canopy offers top-rated and low-cost insurance for yoga teachers. You can choose from monthly plans starting at $12.50, or save 14% with a yearly plan starting at $129. That’s as low as 39 cents per day, making yoga teacher insurance more affordable than ever.

As a yoga instructor, you will find most places will require to be added as an “additional insured” on your policy. For only $30, you are able to add an unlimited number of additional insureds onto your policy. This makes you more flexible with where and when you can teach.

A yoga teacher leads a class in the park with confidence because they have insurance for yoga teachers.


Establishing yourself as a successful and dependable yoga instructor will allow your business to grow to new places. Creating a business card or a brochure of your services allows you to spread the word and gain new clients. Be sure to ask for contact information of the places you teach at and keep in touch. This allows you to stand out from your competition and return in the future, building relationships with lifelong customers.

Do you have additional products you sell that accompany your yoga practices? Bring samples to your classes or set up a small display. This is particularly valuable if you are attending festivals or large vendor-based events. How you choose to display your products determines how you will attract customers.

Product liability insurance is an additional coverage that can help protect you when selling items in addition to your teaching. It is often overlooked in yoga insurance and is not covered under many general liability policies. Anytime you choose to manufacture, produce, or sell a product, the buyer could encounter bodily injuries or property damage from using the product.Having the right coverage protects and adds credibility to your business.


No matter where you teach, it is important to build a special relationship with each student. Your location adds to the environment you are creating, so find a space that adds to your energy. Give yourself time to grow as a teacher and know you are embarking on a rewarding path that will invite others to find their zen.

Insurance Canopy helps protect you from risks when teaching outside of a yoga studio.

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