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Liquor Liability Insurance: An Essential Business Necessity

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Whether you’re working a big or small event, there’s always a chance of someone getting too much to drink and causing an accident. According to the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), “excessive alcohol use is responsible for more than 95,000 deaths in the United States each year, or 261 deaths per day,”

The possibility of getting sued is a risk that bartenders face every day and the stress can keep you from enjoying your job. With Liquor Liability Insurance, you can have peace of mind and comprehensive coverage in place to cover your assets.

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You could possibly over serve alcohol to a patron and deal with the disastrous consequences. It happened to a server in New Hampshire and shows how real the risks are.

Here’s the story:

According to New Hampshire Union Leader, “The wrongful death suit filed in Rockingham County Superior Court accuses North Beach Bar and Grill and bartenders Lea Merrill and Keith D’Andrade of negligence in the deaths of John and Heidi Johnson on Jan. 10, 2019. Prosecutors have said Ryan Kittredge was served six 16-ounce beers and four shots of liquor, and that his blood alcohol content was 0.209% — nearly 2½ times the legal limit — on the night of the crash,”

This is an unfortunate reality some people face and it’s something you hope to never deal with. Attorney fees alone can range from $100 to $300 per hour and can add up pretty fast. As a small business owner, it may not be feasible to keep up with court fees and defense costs. By having insurance in place, it may respond to a lawsuit stemming from your services and may provide a financial safety net. This is where liquor liability and general liability may be useful.

Liquor Liability Insurance is designed to protect businesses that sell, manufacture, distribute or furnish beer, wine or liquor. Insurance Canopy can provide coverage for caterers and mobile bartenders.

General Liability Insurance is designed to cover bodily injury and property damage claims you are legally liable to pay for. This is base coverage that every business owner should carry because there is always a chance of facing legal action. You can get both with Insurance Canopy.

Learn more about us below!


Fit For Business Owners
Insurance Canopy strives to understand our customers’ needs and created a policy fit for their lifestyle. You could possibly serve alcohol at a few events or maybe this is a career you’re doing full-time. Whatever the case may be, we offer annual and event policies.

Get Coverage All In One Place
You can get Liquor Liability Insurance and General Liability Insurance starting at $35.42 per month. There’s no need to juggle multiple policies from different insurance companies.

Simple Online Management
Insurance Canopy gives you the ability to manage your policy all online and makes it easy to get proof of coverage. You receive your own personalized dashboard and can make any changes from there.

Poised To Grow With Your Business
We believe that it’s important to always look for ways to improve and offer more coverage for our customers. Our newest coverage available as an add-on is Cyber Liability Insurance and is ideal for those who handle sensitive customer information, such as credit card numbers. Business owners are at risk of cyber crime and gaining coverage is an additional way to safeguard your endeavor.

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You’re in the hospitality business and it can be a fun business to be in! One day you could be working in a high-class cocktail bar and the next day you could be in a small pub. While we hope every day on the job goes well, it’s not always a guarantee and that’s why it’s important to have Liquor Liability Insurance and General Liability Insurance.

Annual coverage starts at just $33 per month, or you can the entire premium in one easy purchase.

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