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Making The Most Of Online Yoga Teaching

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It’s a time for adaptation. In order to allow your business to survive in tough times, you need to know what changes to make and how to implement them. With the help of insurance for yoga teachers and the suggestions below, you’ll not only survive challenging times, but you and your business can thrive!

What Do I Need To Succeed In Online Yoga Teaching?

We’re sure you know that social distancing calls for a creative take at conducting yoga classes. As a yoga teacher, you have one of the most adaptable jobs out there. Instead of conducting classes in studios and outdoors in large groups, you can conduct your classes online and still give your clients the yoga love they deserve.

Taking your classes from in-person to online is a lot easier than it seems. You only need a few things:

  • Your yoga mat and tools
  • A camera
  • An internet connection
  • A quality set up

That’s really all there is to it!

You have two options when doing online yoga teaching. You can either conduct live classes where your students join in and be there with you during the workout, or you can pre-record your sessions and publish them on a video platform.

For live classes you could try scheduling live Facebook videos, live YouTube videos, or you can schedule a time you’ll be on Zoom and send out an invite link to those who want to participate. To make sure things go as smoothly as possible, check your internet connection and run a video and mic check before going live. You’ll want to prevent any connection issues while you’re live.

If you’re thinking of doing pre-recorded sessions may be better suited for you if you’re interested in doing a combination of both we suggest you start uploading videos to YouTube for your clients to access whenever they want to. If you have a website for your business, you could upload them there and that way have all of your materials on one platform.

What Do My Clients Need To Participate In Online Yoga?

Even easier than your ability to teach online yoga classes is your clients’ ability to remotely take part in your classes!

Here’s what your clients need:

  • A clear space
  • Yoga mat and block
  • Water
  • A computer, tablet, or smartphone with internet access

That’s it!

As long as your students can connect with you and watch what you’ve posted then you’re ready to change your yoga teaching game.

Is There Anything Else I Can Offer My Students?

That’s up to you! It’s important that you offer services that best represent your business as well as meet the desires and needs of your clients. Don’t be afraid to do some research first by asking your clients what they’re looking for or scope out what other yoga instructors are doing. However, we have a few suggestions to get your creative juices flowing.

  1. Offer Personalized Workouts and Meal Plans
    • If you teach as an independent yoga teacher then you could treat your services as personal training services and offer personalized workouts and meal plans that are solely focused around yoga.
  2. Start Your Own Side Practice
    • If you teach at a gym and don’t have the option to offer additional services, now might be a fantastic time to look into starting a side business where you do offer such yoga plans.
  3. Utilize Technology
    • From different services like the FitSW app and The Training Notebook, there are a variety of tools and apps out there designed to aid you in being the best yoga instructor you can be. 

We want to help you be sure you have the right tools in place to succeed in online yoga teaching and by following our heed, you can rest assured too.

How Can I Reduce Potential Risks?

On top of your yoga tools and workout planning apps, you need one thing to ensure you’re teaching yoga classes without liability: insurance for yoga teachers.

When you teach online yoga classes, you expose yourself to many of the same risks you’re exposed to when you teach in a studio. If you encourage your students to push their stretches and they injure themselves, they could sue you as a result and you could be held liable.

By carrying insurance for yoga teachers you can protect yourself against professional liability claims that arise out of your business operations, many of which come out of your advice to students during sessions.

This means that if a student of yours sues you as a result of following through with any advice you offered during a session and is injured, you could be protected against their lawsuit and have assistance in paying any associated legal fees.

Insurance Canopy Is Here For You

By purchasing insurance for yoga teachers, you not only protect yourself against third-party liability claims but you also show your students that you’re a professional who takes their job seriously and cares about what they do.

We are here to help you weather the storm that has drastically impacted your business. Insurance Canopy can not only serve you in meeting insurance requirements for studio teaching but it can also give you peace of mind in conducting online yoga classes.

If you have any further questions regarding insurance for yoga teachers and its professional liability portion of the policy, contact us today.

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