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How To Get A Free Product Insurance Quote

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Finding the right product liability insurance for your business can be a hassle. However, it is vital when it comes to protecting your products. Just one product liability claim could cost you thousands in out-of-pocket expenses, damage business partnerships, and lead to product recalls. With a simple online product insurance quote, Insurance Canopy can help you get the protection your products need. For more than a decade, Insurance Canopy has been helping business big and small protect their products. No matter where you are on the supply chain, we offer top-rated, cheap product liability insurance to meet your business’s unique needs. Below we have outlined how you can get a free product insurance quote.


  1. Start your application
  2. Provide your businesses contact information
  3. Specify details of the products and services you want coverage for
  4. Provide total gross receipts from all products and services
  5. List your manufacturer, distributor, or supplier
  6. Add your preferred limits of liability
  7. Provide your claims history, if applicable
  8. Submit your application
A business owner easily applies for product liability insurance online with easy application steps for the cheapest product insurance quote. After submitting your application, a licensed agent will be in touch within 48–72 hours. When it comes to calculating your product liability insurance cost, our agents will use the information you provide to total your policy premium. Your business size, yearly revenue, and product type will all influence the price of your policy. Around 40% of our customers only pay $96 per month—making our policy one of the cheapest product liability insurance plans you can find.


Without product liability insurance, you may struggle with finding a marketplace to sell your products, miss out on building important business relationships, and be left paying for expensive claims on your own. Insurance Canopy is your partner in product protection. We are here to help you take your business to the next level by providing you with top-rated policies. Get your free product insurance quote today.

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