As a personal trainer, you have dedicated your time to motivate your clients to be their best, healthiest version of themselves. However, have you thought about the numerous risks that you face while you’re on the job, like unexpected client injuries? When your business throws you a curveball, Insurance Canopy can help you out.

Let’s get to it.

1). Cheaper than paying for a lawsuit

If a client injures themselves during a personal training session, you may be on the hook for paying all the medical bills. If you’re caught in the jam with a liability claim, the chances of you paying thousands of dollars for a lawsuit are extremely high.

2). Professionalism

When you decide to purchase personal trainer insurance, it shows your current and potential clients that you take yourself and your business seriously. We hope that every session you hold runs smoothly. If things do go wrong though, we are here to focus on the claims while you give the best possible service to your clients.

3). Convenience

You can protect your business in about 15 minutes. Our online application gives you the convenience to fill it out wherever you want. You can view and print your policy documents upon purchase completion, so you can show that you carry insurance.

4). Peace of Mind

You never know when disaster can strike, but knowing that you’re prepared when it does can give you peace of mind. Our robust coverage helps personal trainers like you stay protected.

5). Affordable

At Insurance Canopy, we offer low-cost, “A rated” personal training insurance. With general and professional liability, we can cover most exposures associated with the industry.

You can find a rundown of our coverage below.

Cost: Policy starts at $129/year

Coverage Details

General & Professional Liability Limits
General & Professional Liability $3,000,000
Products & Completed Operations Aggregate $3,000,000
Personal & Advertising Injury Included
General & Professional Liability Each Occurrence $2,000,000
Damage to Premises Rented to You $300,000
Additional limits
Inland Marine / Business Personal Property $2,000
Deductible $150

If you have any questions regarding personal trainer insurance, you can visit our site or reach us by phone or email.