Are you planning on serving alcoholic beverages at your next social gathering? Don’t leave yourself exposed to accidents, and opt-in for the proper coverage. Event hosts can face a variety of risks, such as bodily injury, property damage, and even lawsuits. With host liquor liability insurance, you can have peace of mind and may have financial backing on a covered claim. This type of insurance coverage is designed for people who do not sell, manufacture or distribute liquor for business purposes.

Learn more about the risks you may face at your next event below.

1. Bodily Injury at an Office Event

At the event, one of your colleagues drinks a little too much champagne and is completely intoxicated within a matter of hours. The coworker picks a fight with another employee and injures them. They both end up going to the emergency room for their injuries and look to you to pay their medical bills.

Host Liquor Liability Insurance Matters

With host liquor insurance from us, you are covered for up to $5,000 to help pay for accidents that happen, regardless of fault. By paying their medical bill, this professional gesture may keep you out of court and may please the third-party involved.

Property Damage at a Private Party

You rent out a venue for your 25th wedding anniversary party and invite all your loved ones to attend. During the party, one of your guests gets intoxicated and causes a small fire. The rental agreement is under your name and the venue owner wants you to pay for the damage.

Host Liquor Liability Insurance Matters

Our host liquor liability insurance policy offers a coverage limit of up to $300,000 on damage to premises rented to you and may respond to a covered claim, such as a fire. It’s better to know your insurance may help you with an unexpected property damage expense than having to pay it out of pocket.

3. A Legal Battle After the Party Is Over

You host a birthday party in your home and serve alcohol to your guests. One of your guests drives intoxicated and crashes into a ditch. Unfortunately, they sustain serious injuries and their car is completely totaled. They decide to pursue a lawsuit against you and take you to court.

Host Liquor Liability Insurance Matters

According to the American Bar Association (ABA), an attorney can charge anywhere from $343-$727 per hour. For some people, this isn’t an expense they can pay right away and can lead to unexpected financial hiccups.

Here are some litigation costs you could pay out of pocket:

  • Court filing, processing fees, and evidence
  • Any late fees
  • Hiring experts in the industry

Host liquor liability insurance may protect your personal finances from attorney fees for covered claims and other third-party expenses. When you serve alcohol at your social gathering, you do run the risk of guests over drinking and causing accidents. Unfortunately, one small incident could lead to legal action against you because you provided the alcohol and you need the proper protection host liquor insurance can offer.

Host Liquor Liability Insurance Is Worth It

Serving alcohol at events means you face the ever-present risk of a guest becoming inebriated and causing trouble. We offer host liquor liability insurance coverage starting at $159 for 1-3 day events and may respond to covered claims, such as bodily injury, property damage, and lawsuits. Don’t leave yourself vulnerable without coverage at your next event.

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