Fitness is your life! The sweat, the adrenaline, the sweet endorphins that follow—you wouldn’t want to change things one bit.

Well, maybe a tiny bit. How about implementing new apps to make your career easier?

As a personal trainer, helping others achieve a healthy lifestyle isn’t always fun and games. Aside from getting to work with people face-to-face, you still have a lot of work going on behind the scenes.

Here at Insurance Canopy, we understand the amount of effort you’ve put into your personal trainer career. So, to help you advance, we wanted to give you a list of apps you might not know about. And we’re not just going to tlk about apps for workouts, we’re talking schedule management and nutrition guides, too!

Plus, we’ll tell you all about personal trainer insurance and how it can greatly benefit you throughout your personal training career.

Ready to find the right tools for your business? Let’s take a dive into the world of fitness apps!

Personal Trainer Management Apps

Do you use your phone’s calendar app to keep track of your daily schedule? Or maybe you're the pen-and-paper type still using a tangible calendar—whichever it is, we want to tell you: THERE IS AN EASIER WAY.

Long gone are the days of physical planners for work purposes. While on the job, you want to work smarter, not harder. Unless of course, you’re encouraging a client to push through their workout, then, by all means, work hard!

These apps can help you streamline your scheduling process and keep track of others’ fitness goals. Plus, you’ll have tools you’re familiar with that you can suggest others use as well.

FitSW for Personal Trainers

With Fit Software for Personal Trainers, you can create a client list where you’re able to make notes on each individual you work with. You’ll be able to easily click through different clients and see their diet plans, workout progress, and session schedules.

Plus, you can send out reminders for appointments using their messaging interface as well as take payments and keep track of your financials.

Check out the FitSW website to see if any of their packages work for you! They also offer a free option if you’re just curious.

The Training Notebook

What makes The Training Notebook unique, is its feature that allows you to give fitness packages to each of your clients. The first three packages are free and include body assessments, individualized workouts, and PAR-Qs for each person you have on board. From there, you can upgrade as you gain more clients or stop using it if the app doesn’t serve you as well as you’d hoped.

With The Training Notebook, you can see your clients’ progress with visual graphs, check out their goals, and keep track of the various workouts they go through each week. Take a look at their website and see if this app for you.

Vagaro (software/app)

Vagaro is like our friend Thumbtack! People who visit the website or app do a search for what they’re looking for (personal training sessions, salon services, etc.) and get results based on their location.

You can create a business account by visiting their website and listing your services. People in your area will be able to find you when they search for personal trainers near them, giving you the opportunity to gain clientele easily. You can also manage your business using their in-app scheduler, have your clients check-in to sessions in real time, and accept payment right after workouts.

This app might be the only app you end up using! And, they even have a personal trainer website builder to help you create a website if you haven’t yet.

Workout Apps

Male personal trainer with personal trainer insurance teaching an older woman how to use a lat pulldown

Being able to work out with your clients one-on-one is likely the best part of your job. You want to be there seeing how far they’ve come and how much they can push themselves. But what about when they’re not with you? How else are you going about encouraging them to meet their daily fitness goals?

Not too sure about a solution? That’s okay, the app store has your back!


This app uses a unique training algorithm to build personalized workouts based on your individual input (i.e., how often you exercise, your height and weight, what kind of workout you’re looking for.) You can target specific muscles, clearly set goals, and see your strength training progress on a weekly report.

Encourage your clients to check out Fitbod if they’re looking for easy at-home or in-gym workouts they can follow without an instructor present.


Jefit is similar to Fitbod in that you have access to personalized workouts. Their workouts focus on toning muscle, burning fat, and building endurance, giving you options to target specific fitness goals.

Let your clients know they have plenty of resources out there for workouts in a non-gym environment. Jefit is an award-winning app that lets you train and track and analyze and improve.

Nike Training Club

If you don’t already have the Nike Training Club app, then you are seriously missing out. As one of Apple’s Editor’s Choice award winners, the Nike Training Club app lets you work out the way you want to.

The app lets you choose your endurance and mobility levels as well as how much guidance you’re looking for throughout your workout. Their workout collection is massive, giving you a wide range of variety and enough options to change it up every single day. After finishing certain workouts, you’ll unlock other goals to keep you pushing forward. Plus, Nike Training Club even offers you recipes to go along with your workout.

Your clients are likely already sporting Nike gear to the gym for your sessions, give them a leg up by telling them to look into the app for their fitness needs.

Nutrition Apps

A notebook and bowl of nutritious food next to a pair of weights and a measuring tape for personal trainers to use

Even more important than someone’s level of physical activity is their diet. As a personal trainer, you probably emphasize this more than anyone. You want your clients to not only get decent exercise but to consume nutritious foods that keep them fueled throughout the day.

The following apps will help you give your clients ideas for ways to track their meals and daily calorie intake as it coincides with their personal training.

Lifesum: Diet & Macros Tracker

This app lets your clients choose from three goals in relation to eating: Do they want to be healthier, lose weight, or gain weight? From there, the users are asked about any dietary restrictions and are offered meal plans based on the individual's choice.

Lifesum enables the user to input their meals and snacks throughout the day as well as their water intake and daily exercise. While on a meal plan users have access to hundreds of recipes and grocery lists, so they know they’ll never run out of options.


MyFitnessPal is king in the nutrition app world. With this food diary, your clients are able to find any food that comes to mind and log it for whatever meal they had. Need to know how many calories are in a single Cheeto? Or are you wondering about those two pieces of bacon you added to your breakfast? Either way, MyFitnessPal has your back.

Plus, with MyFitnessPal, you get to join the world’s largest fitness community for advice and support any time during the day.

Carb Manager

The Carb Manager is meant for those on low-carb diets or those wanting to get on one. If this applies to any of your clients, then this would be a great app to encourage them to use! You begin by setting up your preferences, creating your profile, and defining your goals.

The app will generate personalized meal plans for your clients, offer them shopping lists based on their preferences and macros, and give options for advanced features such as tracking ketones, diabetes carbs, and intermittent fasting.

Personal Trainer Insurance

Did you learn something new about apps for personal trainers? Awesome.

Before you go, let’s talk personal trainer insurance.

You’re probably wondering a few things; what is it? How much does it cost? And maybe even, why do I need it?

Well, let us tell you!

So, What Is Personal Trainer Insurance?

Personal Trainer Insurance is designed to protect you in the case of third-party liability claims arising out of your day-to-day business operations. Claims could be due to personal injury, damage to property, or a slip-and-fall incident.

This means that if a client of yours were to trip over a weight that was left on the floor and sprain their ankle as a result, they could sue you for negligence.

Why Do I Need Personal Trainer Insurance?

As a personal trainer, you inherit many risks and can’t always make sure things go 100% as planned.

With the possibility of an accident so present in your daily life, you need to make sure you’re protected against general and professional liability claims, business personal property claims, and damage to premises rented claims, among others.

Often, gyms won’t even let you begin working on-site until you provide proof of valid insurance.

How Much Is Personal Trainer Insurance?

Insurance Canopy is proud to offer competitive premiums for personal trainers. Our policies begin at $129 for a full year of coverage with the option to add additional insureds.


People lifting kettlebell weights as instructed by their personal trainer with insurance canopy personal trainer insurance

There are so many options out there for personal trainers and you need to make sure you’ve got the right tools in your arsenal. Aside from your sweat rags, resistance bands, and ankle weights, you should be putting phone applications to use if you want to make the most of your career.

And, you can’t forget the most important tool: personal trainer insurance.

Personal trainer insurance not only protects you from third-party liability claims but also pegs you as a professional and lets you provide proof of insurance to gym owners instantly. Our application is completely online; simply input your information, submit the application, and get 24/7 access to your insurance documents. Don’t leave yourself at risk and purchase your personal trainer insurance policy from Insurance Canopy today.

Personal Trainer Insurance