A personal trainer and a client air fist-bumb during a training session

You’ve worked hard to build your personal trainer business and gain your client’s trust. Creating personalized fitness and wellness routines for your clients isn’t easy work and you should be proud of the effects you’ve had on your trainees. You might not know this but as a personal trainer, you face a myriad of risks while on the job and to have the proper safeguards in place to protect yourself against them.

It’s alright if you’re not aware of the types of risks you face, that’s what we’re here for! Today we want to walk you through a few of the common mishaps that personal trainers might encounter and how you can protect against them with Personal Training Insurance.

Overworking Clients

When’s the last time you overexerted yourself during a workout? Remember how sore you were and how much your body didn’t want to exercise the next day? Sometimes that overexertion can result in injury and require a doctor’s visit.


Say you’re working with a client who you really think can be pushed to lift those twenty extra pounds. The next day they’re at the ER with a messed up shoulder and decide to sue you for professional negligence in their training session. Can you imagine having to deal with someone else’s medical bills along with any other associated lawsuit costs?

With Personal Trainer Liability Insurance, you get the professional liability insurance you need to protect you against personal trainer liability claims that your advice or direction caused someone harm.

Property Damage

Are you working in your own facility or a large gym? Maybe you’re at a boutique or club gym, but regardless of where you train, you may face the possibility of property damage. Weights are heavy and dropping one or could break something that then you’re responsible for.

You need to take the right precautions when directing clients to use equipment that could cause damage. Personal Trainer Liability Insurance provides you with general liability insurance which protects against property damage claims. Breaking a mirror or damaging a gym’s floors could cost you some serious money and your insurance could help pay.

Slip-and-Fall Incidents

On top of the possibility of property damage, you also run the risk of having someone injure themselves in a slip-and-fall incident. Slip-and-fall incidents in gyms can occur anywhere, in the lobby, gym floor, or the locker room. Water can get on the floor from people sweating or water fountain splashes and you need to be aware of what could happen.

Say you own the gym that you train in. A client comes in and slips on an unmarked freshly-mopped floor. They fall and sprain their ankle in the process. As a result, they end up unable to exercise for weeks and decide to sue you for being liable. The general liability insurance portion of your policy could help you here. Personal Trainer Liability Insurance is designed to protect you against slip-and-fall claims and could be your saving grace in a similar scenario.

Protect Against Risk With

Hopefully, you now know more about some of the potential risks you face as a personal trainer and hopefully, you never have to encounter them. However, with Personal Training Insurance, you’ll be able to continue doing what you love with peace of mind knowing you’re insured against worst-case scenarios.

Buying Personal Trainer Insurance is easier than ever! Our application is completely online, allowing you to fill it out, make your purchase, and access your documents easily and instantly. Our Personal Trainer Insurance starts at $129 for a year of coverage and we also offer a monthly payment option of $12.50 a month.