Many people practice yoga for the exercise and relaxation it can bring. While every class should hopefully run smoothly, it’s not always the case, and challenges can arise. One of your students could sustain an injury, or you could cause damage in a rented studio space. The risks are there!

How are you being proactive about protecting yourself and your endeavor? Many instructors choose to have yoga insurance to respond to third-party claims and give them peace of mind while operating.

Learn why every instructor needs coverage below.

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Common Yoga Insurance Claims

Did you know that in 2019 more than 34,000 people suffered yoga-related injuries? While yoga is a low-impact exercise, there are still risks and people have experienced injuries. Here’s what you should be aware of and how to decrease your chances of facing a third-party claim:

Not all poses are created equal: People of all ages turn to practicing yoga poses. However, that doesn’t mean each pose is suitable for everyone. Let’s say one of your older students decides to attempt a complicated pose and injures themselves.

Tip: Encourage your students to not push themselves past their limits and tell them to take their time. Perhaps you can show them less advanced poses.

Be aware of your studio space: As soon as yoga class is over, everyone is usually scrambling to leave the studio and head out the door. Your mats could be too close to a major walkway and someone could trip over it.

Tip: Make sure the walkways are clear before and after class. Remove any items that can cause injury, such as yoga mats and electrical cords.

Injuries don’t always present themselves during class: After a relaxing yoga class, one of your students might experience too much muscle soreness or a pulled muscle the next day and blame you.

Tip: Before you start class, do some basic stretching and help your students get warmed up. Come up with stretches that they can perform the following days at home as well.

Yoga Insurance Can Respond To Legal Action

One of your yoga students could experience an injury during class and pursue legal action. Perhaps they want financial help with their medical bills and loss of income while recovering. They still have financial responsibilities to pay for and a career that was put on hold due to the incident.

Keep in mind that those costs tend to add up quickly and could be thousands of dollars. Plus, you will have to worry about paying legal fees, retainer fees, and filing fees. Insurance includes general liability insurance and it is designed to respond to bodily injury/property damage claims you are legally liable to pay for.

The idea of facing a lawsuit is something you wish will never happen and that’s why you run classes carefully. However, outside variables can lead to trouble and you can’t be in control of every aspect. That’s why many instructors turn to yoga insurance for the financial safety net.

Additional Items Coverage Can Respond To

Many instructors turn to yoga insurance for protection against legal action and the financial safety net. Insurance can also respond to the following:

Damage to Premises Rented To You (Included): It’s common to rent out studio space for classes and it gives you the opportunity to teach classes in several locations. This type of coverage can respond to property damage, such as a fire.

Medical Expense Coverage (Included): Your client can sustain a minor injury and ask you to pay for the medical bill. With coverage, you can file a claim that may cover the expense and show that they are working with a true professional.

Inland Marine Coverage (Add-on): You could carry blocks, yoga mats, and your tablet to each session. The thought of one of these items getting stolen or damaged is an expense you hope to never deal with. With inland marine coverage, you can get protection for your business items and gain a safety net.

Cyber Liability Coverage (Add-on): As a business owner dealing with clients, you have sensitive customer information, such as credit card numbers and they run the risk of getting stolen by hackers. Cyber liability coverage is designed to respond to the damages and fees.

With Insurance Canopy, you get comprehensive coverage and can choose to include additional coverage options to your policy.

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Buy Yoga Insurance From Insurance Canopy

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