In the face of a job market that is incomprehensibly failing to hire veterans and separated service members, many vets are looking for ways to apply their skills and values in the workplace. For many, the perfect option is personal training.

The process of becoming a personal trainer requires proper certification and a rock solid personal training insurance policy. Below, we’ve detailed the ins and outs of how veterans can set themselves up to be a successful personal trainer.

Capitalize on Your Existing Skill Set

When it comes to fitness, millions of people are scrambling to find trainers who will give them a military level work-out experience. You can find guides for "boot camp” style workouts all over the internet, and local gyms advertise boot camp sessions. Trainers with actual military experience are in high demand.

If you’re a veteran, personal training may be the ideal fit for you. Not only have you spent years of your life working to attain a high level of physical fitness, but you’ve also been taught the value of service. Working as a personal trainer allows you to put into practice the leadership skills you’ve developed, and gives you the chance to make a career out of helping others live healthier and fuller lives.

Veterans have a unique perspective, and therefore offer a unique ability to work with others in order to help them achieve their fitness goals. Your experience has likely shaped you in such a way that you can be the ideal inspiration to someone who is looking to make serious and lasting improvements in their life.

Get Trained & Certified

Obviously, no gym or personal training studio will hire trainers who haven’t been trained, educated, and certified. While your skills should transition, you’ll still need to become a certified personal trainer.

Luckily, there are a handful of great resources tailored specifically to former or current members of the military. One option is the National Personal Training Institute (NPTI). NPTI’s Cleveland/Columbus website has put together several opportunities for veterans to receive grants, financial aid, and other benefits as they take the necessary classes to become certified.

Check out their military website, where they’ve included a guide to obtaining financial aid, complete with all necessary links to get you where you want to go.

Get Insured

Simply being trained, of course, is not a guarantee that nothing will ever go wrong on the job. If your business property is damaged or stolen, or a client injures him or herself as a result of your training, you could be held liable. Even if you don’t feel you’re at fault, you may bear legal responsibility for what goes on under your watch and could incur legal costs while defending yourself.

This is where Insurance Canopy steps in. We offer industry-leading personal training insurance. Our plans cover general and professional liability, giving you security in your work. Whether you have your own personal training studio, a space at a gym, or are making house calls, you’ll be covered by our "A+ rated" personal trainer insurance.

If you’re a veteran, separated service member, or currently serving in the military, you deserve the chance to make the most of the skills you’ve developed. Becoming a personal trainer may be the perfect chance for you to continue to serve in a different capacity, but with similar skill set. Take advantage of the resources made available to you, and set off on a successful career as a personal trainer.

All insurance policies have conditions, limitations and exclusions. Please refer to the policy for exact coverages.