If you're a full-time disk jockey, karaoke jockey, or video jockey with gigs scheduled every weekend, you need an annual DJ insurance policy as part of your business repertoire.

As an entertainment professional, you interact with the public, often when they are in a festive mood. Unfortunately, mishaps can crash the party and ruin the fun. When they do, you'll want to have liability insurance to cover your business and your financial assets. Here are a few additional reasons to purchase DJ, KJ, or VJ insurance.

DJ Insurance Can Save You Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars

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When disaster strikes, it's better to be safe than sorry. This may sound like a cliche, but it's true. If a party goer were to become injured from tripping over your equipment, the defense costs, medical costs, and other legal costs can add up quick. Do you have extra funds in reserve to cover hundreds of thousands of dollars?

It's always nice to hope for the best, but it's best to prepare for the worst.

Is Lack of Insurance a Reason You Don't Schedule Gigs?

When somebody calls you to schedule a gig and asks for proof of insurance, are you ready with the required documents? You may be losing potential revenue and opportunities if you don't have a DJ insurance policy.

With an insurance policy, you'll be ready to accept multiple gigs and present your proof of insurance.

Is Your Equipment at Risk?

DJ equipment insurance

Many DJs, KJs, and VJs assume their homeowner's policy will cover their equipment if it were to be lost or stolen. It can be a shock when an incident happens and you find out that your homeowner's policy excludes your equipment under certain conditions.

Another risk in making claims for lost or stolen equipment on a homeowner's policy is that it often raises your policy's premiums. In some cases, your homeowner's policy may even be canceled.

Here's an example: if you're transporting your DJ equipment from one location to another, it may be at risk. A homeowner's policy might not cover that equipment while it is away from home or being used to generate income.

However, with DJ insurance, your business personal property is covered through what's known as "inland marine" coverage, which covers your equipment during transportation.

You may also want to purchase additional equipment coverage, particularly if the limits on your general liability policy are not high enough to replace your equipment if something bad were to happen.

Would You Lose Your Income If Your Contract Was Cancelled or a Gig Is Lost?

If, for whatever reason, your DJ, KJ, or VJ contract is canceled or a gig is lost, you would simply lose that potential income. DJ insurance could cover your lost income up to $1,500 for that canceled gig. That's a pretty sweet deal!

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