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Liquor liability insurance protects brewers against lawsuits, legal claims, and damages stemming from the manufacturing, distributing, selling, serving or furnishing beer, wine, or liquor. Examples of claims related to liquor liability are:

  • Third party property damage caused by an intoxicated patron because of your alcohol service
  • Accidents involving someone whom you served alcohol
  • You serve too much alcohol to someone who injures themselves as a result

Don’t let claims related to your alcohol service put your finances three sheets to the wind. Pick your liquor liability insurance coverage with Canopy.

Why Brewers Should Carry Liquor Liability Insurance

  • Brewers may face some liability risks unique to brewers such as liability for serving alcohol to somebody who is already inebriated
  • Liquor liability insurance gives you a layer of defense against claims stemming from your service of alcohol
  • Financial peace of mind
  • Ability to pay legal costs for defenses, even in cases where you may not be negligent.


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Liquor Liability Claims That Breweries Have Faced

Two men arrived at a brewery and consumed 5 to 6 beers within an hour. They then left and ran a red light, killing the passenger of the other car. The family of the deceased brought a lawsuit against the brewery. The claim settled for $102,000 with an additional $24,000 paid in defense costs.
A minor and his friend were served a beer. After leaving, the underage driver lost control of his vehicle and his friend suffered injuries in the accident. A lawsuit was brought against the establishment claiming illegal service to a minor. The claim settled for $60,000 and expenses totaled $25,000.
Three friends enjoyed some drinks together and ordered a six-pack of beer to go. On their way home, a police officer noticed the passengers throwing objects out of the car. A chase ensued, the driver lost control, and the vehicle flipped. Two passengers died. A wrongful death claim was filed and the case settled for $400,000 and expenses totaled $59,000.
Questions about Liquor Liability Insurance

Choosing the right insurance is critical. You can’t afford gaps in your coverage that could put you out of business.

What Is Liquor Liability Insurance?

Liquor liability insurance can protect your business from lawsuits that stem from selling, serving, or furnishing alcoholic beverages.

Do I Need Liquor Liability Insurance?

Yes. Liquor liability insurance is essential for those in the business of manufacturing, selling, serving, or furnishing alcoholic beverages. It is designed to protect your financial assets if you were to be sued as a result of your liquor service. You could be held liable for claims that include injuries, illnesses, or damages arising from your service of alcohol to a patron.

Why Should You Carry Liquor Liability Insurance?
  • Your state has "Dram Shop Laws" and you are mandated by law to carry this form of coverage.
  • Your state does not have "Dram Shop Laws" but your business could still be on the hook for a liquor liability claim.
  • You serve alcohol in the course of your daily business operations.
How Much Is Liquor Liability Insurance?

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