The wedding planning season has begun and a wedding reception isn’t complete without a DJ! Wedding receptions can be wonderful and magical for any happy couple. However, there are risks on the dance floor and it can land you in court. While every gig has gone smoothly up to this point, there are no guarantees and you don’t want to risk your hard work going down the drain. Wedding DJ insurance can provide financial stability for you and your business if you were ever to face a third-party claim.

Let’s walk through how useful coverage can be for you.

Insurance Responds To Lawsuits

The word “lawsuit” can make any business owner cringe and is a real risk that you face on the job. Wedding DJ insurance can be a financial safety net designed to cover lawsuits costs you are legally liable to pay for. Let’s say you are ending the night with some fun beats before the reception is over and the groom’s uncle breaks his ankle because your speaker cord was in the way. Unfortunately, he sues you to pay for his medical bills because he was treated for his injuries outside of his health coverage network and the cost of treatment skyrocketed from there. On top of that, he was out of work and was also suing for loss of income. If you’re proactive with wedding DJ insurance, this ordeal potentially could be covered and you don’t have to take on the financial strain on your own. Our wedding DJ insurance policy includes a $2 million limit for these types of instances.

A Policy Protects Your Equipment

On top of protecting your business from the financial strain a legal battle can bring, a wedding DJ insurance policy can also protect your equipment and provide a safety net for your valuables. Your DJ equipment is the center of your business and you wouldn’t be able to book gigs without it! We offer coverage called inland marine insurance (also known as equipment coverage) for our annual policyholders and protect an extra layer of your business for you. Inland marine is designed to protect movable items that are transported over land. For example, if someone broke into your car and stole your speakers. Inland marine insurance could respond to a stolen equipment claim and alleviate the financial strain of having to replace the equipment on your own. Keep in mind that inland marine only responds to the stolen items and not vehicle damage from the theft.

DJ console and headphones

DJ Insurance From Canopy

Wedding DJ insurance can come in handy for your business if you ever need to use it. If every event from this point on is a success, then great! However, you don’t want to risk losing your investment because you wanted to save some money along the way. At Canopy, we offer a monthly payment option starting at $16/month and it covers the entire year. For less than $2/day, you can have peace of mind and financial security for your business. If you want our event policy instead, you can get liability coverage starting at $59.

Insurance Canopy was created with business owners like you in mind. Our online process is streamlined and easy to understand. All you have to do is fill out the necessary information about yourself and business, choose your payment option (monthly or upfront), and get instant proof of coverage. Once you’re insured, you can access your online insurance badge and use it as a marketing tool. Many of our insureds use the insurance badge on their websites or feature the badge on business cards. With coverage, you can differentiate yourself from the competition and show potential customers that you’re proactive.

Wedding DJ Insurance