Dance instructors have a lot to think about, such as finding ways to build their clientele, organizing dance routines, and keeping track of dance recitals. While running your business keeps you on your toes, it’s important to have business insurance coverage in place and protect your assets. One mishap could lead to a third-party claim and a load of stress.

Today, we are going to explain one common risk instructors may face and how our Dance Studio Liability Insurance policy can help.

A teacher instructs a young group of ballerinas

Dance Studio Insurance May Cover Rented Space Damages

Many dance instructors strive to find the right studio space for dance recitals. Many studios will have wall to ceiling mirrors (perfect for mastering routines), flooring made for dancers, and surround sound. Sounds great, right? It is most of the time. However, the studio you rent could sustain property damage, such as a fire and that can be scary to handle the aftermath on your own.

Insurance Canopy’s Dance Studio Liability Insurance policy includes Damage To Premises Rented By You. This type of coverage is designed to cover property damage claims, such as a fire and is ideal for those renting spaces.

By having coverage in place, your policy could serve as a financial safety net for covered claims and give you peace of mind. Damage To Premises Rented By You coverage has a $300,000 limit.

Insurance Canopy Dance Instructor Insurance

At Insurance Canopy, we created Dance Instructor Insurance with dance instructors like you in mind. We are here to help to make the insurance process easy. Our process makes it simple to get your coverage in minutes and manage your policy all online. Dance Studio Liability Insurance from us starts at $12.50/month and can cover you in all 50 states.

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