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Do You Need Insurance To Sell Beauty Products?

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Insurance has been around for decades acting like an invisible shield between claims and the things you value most. You use it to protect your home, car, health, and more. While the chances of you needing to use it are often low, having the peace of mind that comes with protection is worth the cost. But do you need insurance to sell beauty products?

In short, yes—you should have insurance to sell beauty products. Having insurance is always a good idea. No matter how rigorous your product testing is, accidents can still happen. Just one liability claim can be enough to put your business assets on the line, damage your reputation, and shut down your company.

When it comes to finding great beauty product insurance, Insurance Canopy is your answer. Over the past decade we have helped to protect a variety of beauty and personal care products. Let’s take a deeper look at why you need insurance and how our policies can work with your products.

Woman looking at pimples on her chin in the mirror while beauty products are next to her.

Why You Need Beauty & Cosmetics Insurance

Whether you are selling your own beauty product you’ve designed or you retail a variety of beauty products, you are putting yourself at risk of being exposed to product liability claims. We know your goal is to help others feel confident in themselves, and the last thing you want is to harm someone else. Our policies help protect you from claims of:

  • Bodily injury
  • Slip and fall accidents
  • Property damage
  • Manufacturing defects
  • Failure to provide instructions or warnings
  • Mislabeled products

Let’s say someone trips in your store and breaks their wrist. Their medical bills could be covered under your policy. If someone tries a sample of your product and sues you for an allergic reaction they had, your policy can help you pay for the legal fees and keep you in business. Sometimes small errors happen in the manufacturing process, which lead to faulty products. If a perfume bottle was not assembled correctly, it leaks onto a customer’s table, and it damages their property, your policy could help you cover the costs of repairs.

These examples are just a few of the risks your product can face. This is why many manufacturers, retailers, and online marketplaces require or strongly encourage you to carry insurance. They may also ask to be added to your policy as an additional insured. This helps to protect them from also being named liable in a claim. Insurance Canopy’s beauty product insurance allows you to add unlimited additional insureds to any policy, and often meets or exceeds insurance requirements.


Now that you know more about why you need insurance, you may be asking yourself, “What insurance do I need for my skincare business? Can I insure my makeup? How can I get cosmetics product liability insurance?” Take a look below at some of the most popular beauty industry products Insurance Canopy can insure and see how our policy can benefit you.

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Jars of face creams and oils on a white countertop.

Insurance For Your Skincare Products

A good beauty routine starts with a great skincare routine. These products are often the first and the last things someone puts on their skin every day. Consumers trust a product is going to deliver results, and not give them a rash, chemical burn, or cause a breakout. Having product liability insurance can help protect your business if you are held liable by an unhappy, injured customer for such a reason.

At Insurance Canopy, we can insure skincare products such as:

  • Cleansers and toners
  • Moisturizers
  • Exfolitators
  • Serums and oils
  • Face masks and peels
  • Creams and gels
  • Sunscreen and self-tanning
  • Ointments and treatments

Just like consumers start with skincare to protect their skin, businesses start with Insurance Canopy to protect their products. Start your coverage today with a customizable general and product liability policy.

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Various types of foundations and concealers on a blue background.

Insurance For Your Makeup & Cosmetics Products

Makeup is a confidence booster, an art form, and a fun way for individuals to express themselves. Because it is often worn daily, it needs to meet consumers’ specific needs. The last thing they want is an allergic reaction or a product whose packaging can’t perform the intended functions. Claims of design defects and bodily injury can be covered with makeup and cosmetic insurance.

Insurance Canopy can cover products like:

  • Primers
  • Powders and creams
  • Gels and liquids
  • Lipsticks and liners
  • Eyebrow pencils
  • Setting sprays
  • Mascara and lashes
  • Concealers

Get full coverage and long lasting protection with Insurance Canopy. Our policies include products and completed operations aggregate—meaning we can extend protection to products sold in-stores, online, at spas or events, and even in customer’s homes. Blend your desired coverages into one policy today.

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Different sizes and types of hair care products on a blue background.

Insurance For Your Hair Care Products

Short or long, dyed or natural, a person’s hair is an outward representation of themselves. If your hair care product led to dryness, breakage, or even hair loss, you could be held responsible. If your instructions on a hair dye are misleading and someone stains their skin or something in their home, you may have to pay to reverse the damages. You can brush away the worry of a claim with Insurance Canopy.

We can protect hair care products including:

  • Shampoo and conditioner
  • Creams and waxes
  • Treatments
  • Gels and mousse
  • Serums and oils
  • Hairspray
  • Pomade and masks
  • Texturizer and dry shampoo
  • Hair coloring and dyes

Cut your risk of a claim with a hair care policy from Insurance Canopy. Our policies include a medical expense limit to help cover the costs of medical care a customer needs for an injury accidentally sustained from your business operations or products (such as slipping on water in a salon or getting a chemical burn from soap). Get a beauty product insurance policy online today.

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Empty cologne and perfume bottles on a blue background.

Insurance For Your Perfume & Eau De Cologne Products

Scents can positively impact your mood and increase self-confidence. It can feel less than luxurious when your fragrance leaves stains on your clothes, discolors your skin, or causes an allergic reaction. Insuring your perfume products can help you lower or eliminate the cost of a liability claim.

With Insurance Canopy, you can find coverage fragrance products such as:

  • Perfumes and cologne
  • Body mists and sprays
  • Rollers and oils

Because presentation and bottle design plays an important role in selling perfumes and colognes, you want to keep your product safe during shipment from warehouses to stores and to customers. Our policies offer inland marine insurance, which can help cover the cost of damages done to products during shipping. Do what makes scents and get a personalized perfume policy with Insurance Canopy.

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Different soaps, salts, oils, and bath products on a marble countertop.

Insurance For Your Nail, Soap, & Other Specialty Beauty Products

Beauty products help individuals feel beautiful from head to toe. They come directly in contact with some of the most sensitive parts of the body, and any negative results can physically and emotionally harm a customer. Protect your product from costly claims and help shield your business’s reputation with Insurance Canopy.

We can insure specialized beauty products like:

  • Nail polish and removers
  • Cuticle oils and softeners
  • Handmade soaps
  • Bath bombs, oils, and salts
  • Oral hygiene and mouthwashes
  • Deodorants
  • Shaving creams, oils, and lotions
  • Patches and wipes

Don’t see your product listed? Give us a call at 844-520-6993 and an experienced insurance agent may be able to help you get a policy tailored to your business’s needs. Any applicators or beauty tools, like hair dryers, makeup brushes, or skin tools, may be covered under the Product Liability Insurance policy.

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Stay Protected With Beauty & Cosmetics Insurance

Accidents happen. Your customers deserve to be assisted in the event of an incident, and your business deserves high quality product protection when paying for costly claims, legal fees, and medical expenses. With policies starting at $99 a month, you can get affordable coverage tailored to your business needs.

When you think of beauty product insurance that can do it all, make Insurance Canopy your first call. We are proud to insure those who help others feel their best.


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