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Fitness Mentors Review: Personal Trainer Certification Pros & Cons

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Last Updated: March 26, 2024

Despite being one of the newer CPT companies in the industry, Fitness Mentors is making an impact in the health and fitness certification industry.

With a curriculum on par with bigger competitors, and the lowest price on the market, Fitness Mentors is a hidden gem for personal trainers looking to get certified. They offer quality programs and are making strides in the online personal training world.

Curious to learn more? Insurance Canopy is taking a closer look at the details of this new certification program in our Fitness Mentors review.

What Is Fitness Mentors?

Founded in 2014, Fitness Mentors is a certification program dedicated to helping personal trainers learn about both in-person and online training. They value continuing education where they help fitness professionals learn more about specialized topics, grow their skills, and learn how to better manage their business.

Whether you are just starting or looking to expand your business, Fitness Mentors has the resources you need. They support trainers throughout their whole career—not just through certification.

About Fitness Mentors Certification

Fitness Mentors’ Personal Trainer Certification is known for being one of the most affordable programs available.

All of their courses, materials, and tests are 100% online, so you can focus on being a trainer from the comfort of your own home or in between client sessions at the gym.

Fitness Mentors breaks down their certification into four study timelines, allowing you to pick a program best suited to your schedule.

They also use FORM, the Form Over Resistance Model, in their curriculum. This helps to emphasize the focus on a client’s form during resistance training. You will look at methods using bands and cables, as well as other free-standing resistance equipment.

With a variety of study tools available, Fitness Mentors caters to several different learning styles. They even offer free resources to help trainers prepare for their certifications with other companies—that’s how dedicated they are to helping fitness professionals.

A woman kneels on the yoga mat in her home as she reads her daily studies for her personal trainer certification program on her smart phone.

Pros & Cons of Fitness Mentors Personal Trainer Certification

After diving into the details of the Fitness Mentors certification program, we checked out customer reviews of Fitness Mentors and found some notable pros and cons.


  • The personal trainer certification exam is easier than other competitors, plus you only need 70% to pass.
  • Fitness Mentors offers programs exclusively centered around online fitness careers.
  • The curriculum is created by college professors with experience in the health and fitness industry.
  • Some certification packages include a year of mentorship to help you grow your business.
  • You can find free resources to help you prepare for certification with companies like NASM, ACE, and ISSA.


  • Because Fitness Mentors is still a newer certification program, they don’t have as much recognition as some of their competitors.
  • They have a small list of specialized certifications and niche career focuses.

How Does Fitness Mentors Stack Up Against Other Top CPT Programs?

Fitness Mentors is highly regarded as a well-trusted certification program for personal trainers looking for a quality educational program at a reasonable cost.

It was recently regarded as the best online certification program in 2023 for trainers who want an online learning experience and are aiming to work with clients virtually. And they made our list of the best personal trainer certification programs for resistance training.

Fitness Mentors programs are accredited by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA) and the Distance Education Accrediting Commission (DEAC).

They are also an affiliate of the National Board of Fitness Examiners (NBFE). This means their curriculum is up-to-date with national standards for personal trainers and your CPT will be accepted by gyms and health clubs requiring you to have an accredited certification.

While Fitness Mentors may not have the same level of brand recognition as some long-established organizations like ISSA or ACE, their focus on online training and modern approaches to fitness education have made them a top choice for thousands of trainers nationwide.

An online trainer is sitting on the ground of her home propped up against the side of her couch where she is looking at her client's information on her laptop and writing out notes to make a personalized training plan for them.

What to Know Before You Enroll in the Fitness Mentors Personal Trainer Certification Program


In order to enroll in a Fitness Mentors certification course, you need to meet the following requirements:

  • Be 18 years or older
  • Have a high school diploma or GED
  • Hold a current CPR/AED certification

Once you are registered, you will need to score a minimum of 70% on the final personal trainer certification exam to receive your certification.

Every 2 years you will need to complete the exam with the same minimum passing score and complete at least 20 hours of Continuing Education Units to remain eligible.

*CPR stands for cardiopulmonary resuscitation, and AED stands for Automated external defibrillator.


Fitness Mentors has four levels of personal training certification programs, with the Ultimate Bundle giving you access to six certifications at once. Most of the programs give you access to a year of mentorship, helping you grow as a trainer and grow your business.

The Fitness Mentors certification prices are as follows:

  • Starter: $399/year
  • Plus Bundle: $699/year
  • Pro Bundle: $899/year
  • Ultimate Bundle: $1,499/year

Specialized Certification Programs

With a heavy focus on online fitness, you can find some specialized certifications offered by Fitness Mentors. These programs help you further your career by learning valuable business skills and focusing on more niche needs your clients may have.

Fitness Mentors specialized certification programs are as follows:

  • Online Trainer
  • Virtual Group Fitness Instructor
  • Virtual Nutrition Coach
  • Virtual Health Coach
  • Business & Sales
  • Program Design Specialist
  • Pain Management Specialist
  • Special Populations Exercise Specialist
  • Fitness Nutrition Specialist
  • Health Coach

Continuing Education & Recertification

Your Fitness Mentors Personal Trainer Certification will need to be renewed every two years in order to remain eligible. The requirements to renew are:

CEUs can be completed through Fitness Mentors online programs, or with an approved outside program (such as NASM or ACE). By completing these units, you are helping to better yourself as a fitness professional and stay in the know with the latest trends in the industry.

A virtual fitness instructor kneels on a blue yoga mat in his home as he types on his laptop and works on creating his online personal training packages.

How a Fitness Mentors Certification Benefits You

Because the Fitness Mentors CPT program is so affordable, it allows you to more easily achieve your goals of becoming a personal trainer, online coach, and more.

Graduates will have the certifications they need to:

  • Start their own training business
  • Become independent contractors
  • Get hired to train in a fitness facility
  • Earn additional certifications for specialized services
  • Create online fitness programs

Most Fitness Mentors trainers enjoy the focus on online training and resistance training that allows them to later specialize in these areas in their careers.

Frequently Asked Questions About Fitness Mentors' Personal Trainer Certification

Is Fitness Mentors Legit?

Yes—Fitness Mentors is a legitimate and reputable program for those looking to receive a personal training certification.

Their CPT (certified personal trainer) and COPT (certified online personal trainer) curriculum is accredited and they are an NBFE affiliate, giving them national recognition.

Is Fitness Mentors Accredited?

Yes! Fitness Mentors Personal Trainer Certification (CPT) program is accredited by the NCCA and the Certified Online Personal Trainer (COPT) program is accredited through the Distance Education Accrediting Commission.

How Much Does the Fitness Mentors Personal Trainer Certification Cost?

Fitness Mentors Personal Trainer Certification starts at $499 a year and includes a digital textbook, lecture videos, audiobooks, a study guide, practice tests, and access to a Facebook support group.

Are There Success Stories From Personal Trainers Who’ve Completed the Fitness Mentors Program?

Yes, Fitness Mentors shares testimonials from trainers on their website. Plus, nearly every page on the Fitness Mentors site features success stories and testimonials.

They also have 4.9/5 stars on Trustpilot where you can read reviews from other trainers.

What Career Support Does Fitness Mentors Offer Its Certified Trainers?

Fitness Mentors offers free business coaching and lifetime expert guidance to all trainers who enroll in their certification programs.

They also have access to a private Facebook group where they can get advice, ask for help, and network with other trainers.

Fitness Mentors also has a CEU course focusing on business and sales as a trainer.

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