Six Small Business Marketing Tactics

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In today’s world, marketing your small business is easier now, more than ever. Simply implement these small business marketing tactics in your business plan. The following are six things to implement in your small business.

1. Email Campaigns

As a small business owner, you probably accrue many of your customers’ emails from online orders and receipts. With your client’s permission, create a dedicated email campaign to promote your small business.

Pro Tip: Create an email series based on your latest product offerings, coupons, sales, and birthday promotions. Emails are a great way to keep your customers in the know and engaged.

Keep privacy laws in mind.

The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

(CAN-SPAM) Act is a law that sets the rules for commercial email, establishes message requirements for commercial purposes, and gives recipients the right to opt-out of email messages. Read the actual wording of the law here and learn more about it.

2. Customer Referral Program

Every small business has a few loyal customers who have been there since the beginning. Most customers can think of a few friends or family members who might be interested in your product or service if you were to ask them.

Pro Tip: Determine a compelling incentive. You can decide if the incentive is a discount, gift card, or in-store credit that the referring customer will get once they’ve referred a handful of people. Don’t forget to factor in privacy laws as well.

3. Collaborate With Other Small Businesses

Get together with other businesses in the area and come up with an advertising collaboration.

Pro Tip: Ask a non-competitive business if you can place your business flyers at their store and agree to do the same for them at your store. This tactic is a great way to spread the word about your business and build your network.

4. Wrap Your Vehicle

Wrap your vehicle in your company’s logo, designs, and contact info for an easy way to advertise your business all around town. Drivers and pedestrians can read about your business and it only costs you one fee. You don’t need to worry about yearly advertising subscriptions or advertising contracts.

5. Set Up a Booth

Is there a local event happening in your area? It might be worth the cost to purchase a booth and advertise your business to hundreds of guests. You never know what kinds of connections you might make at these events.

Pro Tip: Create flyers or simple swag items such as pens with your company logo and website on it and give them away at the event.

6. Purchase a policy through Insurance Canopy

Now that you have a few ideas on small business marketing, how are you protecting your small business? At Insurance Canopy, the most important resource to a small business owner should be small business insurance. Protect your business and don’t leave your business exposed to liability risks. Apply for small business insurance through us and we’ll take care of the rest.

Pro Tip: When you purchase a policy through Insurance Canopy, you can add our online badge to your website to show your client’s that you are protected by insurance. This badge gives your company and product added credibility.


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