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Software To Help You Manage Your Small Business

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Two desks sit in a small business office surrounded by the supplies and inventory used to run the business and computers with software used to manage the business operations.

Small business owners take on a lot of responsibility in their day to day duties. From marketing and sales to project management and product fulfillment, you are oftentimes teaching yourself new skills or looking for a tool that can help you manage it all.

The great thing about business tools and software is they help you spend more time focusing on bigger projects and being a manager for your business. If you are looking to start expanding your business, but feel you have too much on your plate, then start by checking out this list of three types of software designed to help busy owners like you.

1. Web Building

Building a website can be time consuming and confusing, especially if you don’t know how to code. Instead of hiring someone else to build you a new website from scratch, business owners can now have full control over the creation of their site thanks to programs like WordPress and Squarespace.

Once you’ve selected a hosting platform, you can choose from a variety of themes, layouts, and plugins to customize your website. These pre-formatted websites make it easy for you to pick a style that fits your branding and will make the user experience enjoyable. You can then simply add in any images and written content tailored to your business.

2. Customer Service

As your business grows, so will your customer base. This means more people who may want to get in contact with questions or concerns about your business, services, or products. Automation software allows you to streamline a number of things, one of which is customer service needs.

You know those chat boxes that pop up in the corner of a website? Most of the time they are automated! Pre-scripted chats, FAQs, and replies can be triggered based on what the customer is typing, and oftentimes their questions can be answered or resolved without you needing to intervene. Now you don’t have to spend your time manually answering everyone’s questions.

3. Tax & Accounting

There are a lot of nuances and complexities when it comes to small business taxes. Entering in just one box of information wrong can lead to accidentally fraud or evasion. This can make filing your taxes especially daunting when you don’t know the accounting side of starting a new business, stay free of audits, and more.

That’s why many small businesses invest in tax software. It can take the time and stress out of organizing your company’s finances while helping you stay legally compliant.

Two small business employees are reviewing their tax software together so they can keep their finances in order at their locally run floral shop.

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When you have something that matters, you invest in it and protect it. You invest in your home with a mortgage and your health with insurance—the same goes for your business.

Insurance Canopy is the preferred insurance provider for small businesses. We offer a one-stop-shop experience to help you cover your business on all sides. Access a variety of top-rated, affordable insurance plans online and get the coverage your business deserves today.

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