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Ingestible CBD & Hemp Insurance

The CBD/hemp industry is quickly evolving and expanding—you need a knowledgeable agent who understands the intricacies of working with ingestible CBD/hemp products and who can help you navigate the risks involved.

You’ll find that many insurance companies turn down coverage for CBD/hemp retailers, manufacturers, and distributors. We at Canopy are dedicated to keeping your ingestible CBD/hemp products business safe. We cover businesses that fall within the legal limits of 0.3% THC.

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With an efficient and streamlined online process, Insurance Canopy can help you apply for CBD/hemp product insurance in minutes.

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Product Liability Coverage

Ingestible CBD/hemp products come with a variety of risks. Product liability coverage may help you cover a variety of claims, including defective manufacturing and/or design as well as defective warning/instruction.

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General Liability Coverage

General liability insurance can protect you from the costs of a number of claim types, such as property damage or bodily injury.

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Who Do We Insure?
  • Manufacturers & Distributors
  • Growers, Extractors, & Processors
  • Retailers & Wholesalers
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  • Inland Marine Coverage
  • Hired/Non-Owned Auto Coverage
  • Employee Benefits Liability
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Questions About Ingestible CBD/Hemp Insurance

CBD/Hemp insurance safeguards your business if you are sued because of your operations. You may be held financially liable for injuries, allergic reactions, or damages arising from the CBD/hemp products your business manufactures, distributes, or sells.

Legal costs can be financially devastating, even if you aren’t found liable by the court. With the right CBD/hemp insurance coverage, you'll have the support you need if something goes wrong.

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CBD/Hemp insurance is essential to add to your company’s risk management strategy. With the help of insurance, you can financially safeguard your business if you’re faced with a third-party lawsuit. Legal fees and defense costs can be detrimental enough that you could have to close your business. However, with proper CBD/hemp coverage, you can have peace of mind knowing you may not have to deal with a claim alone.

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Your ingestible CBD/hemp insurance coverage will be tailored to meet the needs of your business. The price depends on a variety of factors, such as the size of your business, sales revenue, coverage amount desired, and much more. When you complete an online application, you will receive a quote within 24-48 hours and one of our licensed agents can assist with further questions.

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Yes! Just one claim against your CBD/Hemp business could be financially damaging, even if you are found to be not at fault. When selling products containing CBD/Hemp, many mainstream carriers will not offer coverage due to the higher industry risks. CBD product liability insurance can protect your business from claims of bodily injury, such as illness or death, and property damage.

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As long as your ingestible CBD and Hemp products contain no more than 0.3% of THC, you are eligible to apply for Ingestible CBD/Hemp Insurance. Our policies will cover the following:

  • CBD edibles insurance
  • CBD oil insurance
  • CBD capsules or pills insurance


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Insurance Canopy now offers Cyber Liability Insurance that can be added to your policy during your application process. If you are someone who makes sales with chip and swipe reader devices, such as Square, or through online applications, such as PayPal or Venmo, Cyber Liability Insurance protects your client’s private information from cyber attacks. You can also protect your business’s sensitive information in the case of malware attacks, phishing scams, and ransom attacks. 1 in 4 businesses face cyber attacks each year and as a result can suffer from financial loss, a damaged reputation, and even business closure. Arm yourself with the protection you need from hackers!

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Choosing the right insurance is critical.

You can’t afford gaps in your coverage that could put you out of business.

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Ingestible CBD/Hemp Insurance

Take a Chill Pill with Insurance Canopy - Protecting your CBD/Hemp business can keep you focused on your business with peace of mind.

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