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How to Pick the Best DJ Name for Your Business

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A DJ with long silver hair performing on stage at an event.

Did you know that famous Canadian DJ Deadmau5 got his name from an Internet chat room in 2002? After finding a dead mouse inside his computer, he became known in the chat room as the “dead mouse guy” and then began using Deadmau5 as his username.

Your inspiration for DJ names can come from just about anywhere! However, having so much creative freedom can often make it difficult to know where to start. That’s why we’ve compiled some of our top tips to help you pick the perfect DJ name for your business!

We’ve got tips for creating a name that is memorable, speaks to your target audience, and stays true to your DJ persona, so you can get your business up and running in no time! Whether you want your business name to be the same as your DJ name or are looking for a separate moniker for your business, read on to learn more about how to come up with the perfect name.

1. Research Existing DJ Names

One of the best places to start when deciding on your DJ business name is to see what other DJs are using. A great way to do this is to read through popular DJ magazines like Mixmag or DJ Life Magazine. Often the subject of a DJ’s name will come up in an interview and you’ll get to learn more about how they came up with their name or why they feel it suits them.

It’s also important to get an idea of what other DJ names are already in use so you don’t end up choosing one that someone else has. You want your name to be unique without being hard to remember and to avoid anyone thinking that you’re trying to sound too much like another DJ in your scene.

Pro Tip: You don’t necessarily need to create a brand new name for your DJ business. Some DJs go by their real names, or some variation of it—David Guetta is a good example of this. You may wish to have a stage name or to draw a sharper distinction between your DJ persona and your personal life, but know that it’s always an option to use your real name if you choose.

2. Embrace Your Persona and Musical Style

After you’ve gotten a feel for what names other DJs are using and how they’ve come up with them, it’s time to think about what you want your DJ persona to be. Your name should reflect the personality you want to embody on stage or at any events you play.

Take your musical genre into account, too. DJs span many types of music, so you can give people a better idea of what to expect from the tracks you make if your name matches your musical style.

One great example of this is the French DJ duo Daft Punk. Thomas Bngalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo were originally in a rock band called Darlin’, whose music had been reviewed by a now-discontinued music magazine that negatively reviewed some of their songs as “daft punky thrash.” After Darlin’ disbanded, the two men took inspiration from that review when it came to naming their new EDM duo.

Daft Punk has always been experimental and unique, earning themselves legendary status in the music industry. By taking a negative review of their old music and turning it into a catchy band name, they convey the same sense of rebelliousness and playfulness that their music embodies.

A close-up shot of a DJ at a turntable in front of a red sign in a dark room.

3. Consider Your Target Audience

As you’re starting your DJ business, it’s critical to keep your target audience front of mind. Just as DJs span a wide variety of musical genres and personas, so do their intended audiences. You want to pick a name that speaks to your target audience and doesn’t alienate or confuse them.

For example, if you want to be a wedding DJ, you’re most likely not going to have the same name as a club DJ. Think of the vibe of a wedding: romantic, celebratory, sentimental, etc. These are all emotions you might try to evoke with your wedding DJ name. These same emotions wouldn’t be fitting for a club DJ to channel because that’s not the vibe their target audience expects or wants to have when listening to their music.

You can get a good idea of what appeals to your intended audience by researching local DJs in your scene. Going back to the wedding DJ example, search for wedding DJs in your area and take a look at how their names reflect the specific service they offer.

4. Add Local Flavor

Many DJ names incorporate a reference to the state, city, or area where they do business. This can be a great way to create a unique name that potential clients in your area resonate with, especially if you want your business name to be different from your DJ moniker.

For example, a DJ business in Seattle, Washington might go with a name like:

  • Emerald Beats Entertainment
  • RainCity Rhythms
  • Pike Place Productions

Incorporating a reference to the place you do business is a great way to connect with potential clients. Never underestimate the power of hometown pride!

5. Aim for Catchiness

A memorable DJ name is essential for building a strong brand. Look for opportunities to incorporate wordplay or catchy phrases that relate to your style or persona. There are four main aspects to wordplay that you can experiment with when creating your DJ name:

  • Puns: Incorporating a word that sounds like another into your name can make your DJ business stand out amongst the crowd. For example, Vinyl Richie. 
  • Combining words: Create a totally unique name for your DJ business by combining existing words, like Melodaze or Decibell.
  • Alliteration: Use words in your DJ name that start with the same letter for a catchy sound, such as RhythmRiot.
  • Rhymes: Did you know that including a rhyme in your business name might make it easier to remember because of its innate musical quality? Chronic Sonic or Beat Street are examples of rhyming names.


A DJ at a turntable performing at a small indoor party.

6. Use a DJ Name Generator

Brainstorming is hard work, and it’s easy to get stuck in a rut when trying to come up with new DJ name ideas. That’s where a name generator comes in handy! While the names you generate may not be ready to use and might need a little polishing, they can help introduce new words or concepts into your brainstorming session and get your creative juices flowing.

Below are a few DJ business name generators we recommend trying out:

In addition to using a name generator, try a free artificial intelligence (AI) service like ChatGPT to generate more ideas. You can give ChatGPT a more detailed prompt than a name generator, so the results might be more in line with what you’re looking for.

7. Get Feedback

Once you have a few DJ name ideas that you love, don’t be afraid to seek feedback from others. You can get input from your friends, loved ones, fellow DJs, or even your target audience. Create a survey with a free tool like SurveyMonkey to see which name comes out on top, or add a poll to your Instagram story to get responses from your followers.

If you can, try asking people to explain why they chose one name over another. This kind of insight can be really valuable in deciding which name you’ll commit to. Maybe people think one of your names sounds too much like another one, and you’d never know it if you hadn’t asked!

Next Steps for Your DJ Business

After committing to a name for your business, it’s time to start thinking about what comes next! Naming your business is an important first step, so let’s take a look at what you should do after deciding on your DJ business name.

Register Your DJ Business Name

In order to seal the deal with your business name, you need to register it with your state and local governments. In most cases, you may only need to register with the federal government in order to get your federal tax ID. Be sure to follow the instructions for your state on the U.S. Small Business Administration’s website to ensure you’re filing correctly.

While not necessary, you may choose to trademark your business name in addition to registering it so that no one else can legally use it. If this interests you, read up on the application process on the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office’s website.

Close-up shot of a DJ’s hand on a turntable lit by purple lights.

Protect Your Business With Liability Insurance

DJs are the life of any party. However, like all businesses, there are certain risks associated with your day-to-day operations. These risks include:

  • While unloading your equipment in a venue, you accidentally damage a door and are held responsible for repairs.
  • An audience member trips over one of your cords during your set, injures themselves, and sues you to pay for their medical bills.
  • Your expensive speakers get damaged on the way to a gig, requiring thousands of dollars to replace them.

These risks can cause a huge financial hit to your business. To help mitigate or even eliminate the cost of these claims, protect your business with DJ liability insurance. Insurance Canopy makes it quick and easy to get the perfect policy that includes the following coverages:

  • General liability
  • Personal and advertising injury
  • Damage to premises rented to you

You can even customize your policy by adding DJ equipment coverage to protect your speakers, turntables, mics, and more. Plus, because so many venues require you to add them to your policy before they’ll book you, Insurance Canopy offers free and unlimited additional insureds you can add at any time.

Our entirely online checkout process means you can get insured in ten minutes or less without ever needing to speak with an agent. Get your annual policy today!

Get the Party Started!

Now that you have some ideas for where to start with naming your DJ business, you’re well prepared to start generating ideas and finding the perfect moniker that represents you and speaks to your target audience!

As you continue building your business, whether you want to learn more about DJ licenses or need to know which DJ speakers are the best for you, Insurance Canopy is there for you every step of the way! We wish you luck in this exciting new endeavor.

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