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How To Get Your DJ Business Started

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DJ mixing on a sound board

The music industry is highly competitive and becoming a full-time DJ is no easy task. Insurance Canopy put together these few tips for DJs looking for an edge to stand out from the crowd along with a resource for you to purchase DJ insurance to protect your finances from third party claims or lawsuits.


DJ mixing beats at a show

There’s robust debate in the industry as to whether you need top of line gear when you’re just starting out or if you should build your inventory with used gear and work your way up. Either way, you want to make each investment count, so you need to dig down and do your research before you fork out the dough for an expensive piece. is an expert resource for DJs. Visit them to find equipment reviews, insider tips, and the latest news in music and entertainment.


The old adage “if you build it, they will come,” is not always true for the DJ business. You need to actively market your DJ business and put yourself in front of the people looking to hire DJs.

First, you need to define your niche. Are you a wedding DJ or a club DJ? What music do you specialize in?

Next, find resources for people looking to hire DJs such as wedding planners or club venues and get listed as a vendor. For example, if you are a wedding DJ, you can post a listing on Wedding Wire to advertise your services.

Another way to connect with clients is through booking apps. Check out:


Build a website and sign up for business social media accounts.

Here are some inexpensive website hosting services:

Most free website hosting services offer additional services for a small fee or let you unlock new themes. With these websites, be aware that you may not own your site.


Canopy DJ Gig Insurance

All DJs need to build a fanbase that will help them promote their work. The most important platforms that all DJs need to be on are Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud, YouTube, and Mixcloud.

Create a business account for your DJ business. Don’t rely on your personal social media since you can’t advertise on personal accounts.

Here are some ideas of shareable content:

  • Photos – throwbacks, event flyers, behind-the-scenes, and studio shots
  • Unreleased tracks
  • DJ Mixes
  • Competitions
  • Tunes
  • Industry news
  • Videos
  • Post livestream practice sessions on Facebook Live, Instagram Live, Twitch, or Chew.TV.

Effectively manage your time on social media by using the following programs to schedule your content.


There’s no worse feeling than having to turn down a booking. It’s one thing if your calendar is full and you simply don’t have time. It’s another to have to turn down a booking because you don’t have the liability coverage you need in order to perform at a venue.

Be prepared and show your clients that you are a credible business with DJ Insurance from Insurance Canopy.

We offer two policies:

DJ Event Insurance

DJ Annual Insurance

Check out this article on, 4 Ways DJ Insurance Is Mixed For You to learn more about DJ insurance.

We hope these tips help you get launched on a successful DJ career. Check back for more useful resources for DJs.

All insurance policies have conditions, limitations and exclusions. Please refer to the policy for exact coverages.

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