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Do DJs Need Public Liability Insurance?

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You know your business faces risks, that is why you have landed here on this blog! You are trying to understand how to continue doing what you love, without worrying about possible liability claims. 

We live in a world where there are lawsuits and legal claims that pop up everywhere. The best way to protect your business is to purchase DJ public liability insurance coverage. Finding the right insurance, understanding the coverage, and being prepared with your own policy will have your business set for success. 

General Liability vs. Public Liability Insurance

We realize insurance terms can be very confusing, especially when you are on your own to research the coverage you need. Today we are here to add a little clarity between the terms general liability and public liability, then explain why you need both. 

General Liability:

One of the most important lines of coverage your DJ business needs is a general liability plan. To put it plainly, general liability provides coverage for claims where:

  • someone is hurt as a result of your business operations
  • property is damaged because of your operations
  • property is damaged because of your products

This type of insurance would provide you coverage in these real-world-type claims. 

  1. If you were to receive a claim from a venue stating you caused damage to their property, you could be facing up to thousands of dollars in out-of-pocket expenses. We see this often with floors or stages in venues being scuffed or damaged during set up or take down. This also happens if you are using venue-supplied sound systems and you accidentally damage their speakers.
  2. Imagine trying to pay out of pocket for medical bills resulting from a claim of an attendee’s sprained ankle or broken wrist. Sloppy equipment setup, especially cords that haven’t been taped down, is a leading cause for claims. 

Don’t let these types of claims put your DJ business at risk. The financial worry isn’t worth it for professional DJs. The best part is there are event policy options or annual coverage, so you can find the right insurance plan for your business. 

Public Liability: 

DJ Public Liability insurance is exactly the same as general liability insurance listed above! This term is more common in Europe, but we still see it pop up now and again in searches here. So once you know what general liability coverage entails, you also have a great idea of what public liability insurance is—one coverage with two names!

Risks Without Insurance

There are many risks that come when you operate without the right insurance for your business. We’ve mentioned a few types of risk that come with public liability insurance claims, but let’s look at other parts of an insurance plan. Let us help you understand and explain why they are important for your business, so you can buy the right coverage for your needs: 

Excess Liability Coverage

It’s true you can operate your DJ business without insurance. But some venues will require you to carry insurance before you can be booked to work in their space. This is fairly common in the industry. These venues will provide you with “coverage limits” that need to be met. 

These required coverage limits will be given to you as an occurrence or aggregate limit. Our DJ policies, both for events and annual policies, are $2Million Aggregate (per policy term) and $1Million Occurrence (times that you file a claim). If you need additional coverage, this is called excess liability coverage, and you can easily purchase that too. 

Excess liability is available for an extra $50.00/policy to add $1Million to the Aggregate Limit, meaning you are covered for $3Million per policy term. This can help meet your contractual obligations. If you do need above $3Million, call and speak to our customer support team

DJ Equipment Coverage

Are you concerned about your gear being near people with drinks? Or will you be performing outside with possible inclement weather? Adding coverage for your gear and equipment is also something you can easily add to your base public liability insurance coverage.

Tools and equipment coverage, sometimes referred to as “Inland Marine”, will extend coverage to gear that you take with you to events and venues outside of your normal working space. You get to select the limits that can be paid out if you have a claim from damage or theft. 

Mobile DJ Coverage

Our general liability policy plus tools and equipment coverage should stack up nicely for your mobile DJ insurance needs. Combine these two types of coverage and your business practices will be covered as well as your gear and equipment that travel with you! Or check out our mobile DJ insurance blog to review your options!

Quality Disc Jockey Insurance 

Of course not all DJ insurance is created equal, so shopping around might give you a better price, but make sure the coverage is quality and meets your contractual needs. Put your trust in a company with a  4.7 rating from our customers, and get a DJ insurance quote from Insurance Canopy today! 

Let us know if there are questions or concerns we can help with! Our chat is a great way to get in touch, or you can always give us a call today

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