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How Mobile DJ Insurance Can Boost Your Business

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As a mobile DJ, the success of your business depends on your ability to be hired for events and protect your equipment. Check both of those boxes by carrying mobile DJ insurance.

What Does Mobile DJ Insurance Do?

Mobile DJ insurance can protect your DJ business should an accident or negligence during one of your shows trigger a lawsuit against you. Let’s face it: accidents can happen to anybody.

You may be a novice DJing a friend’s wedding.

You may be a seasoned pro playing a set for screaming fans.

Either way, you’re not immune to risk.

For this reason, you need DJ insurance to help keep your business safe when something goes wrong with your event.

Why Do You Need Mobile DJ Insurance?

Administrator Requirements

Increasingly, event administrators and venue owners are requiring entertainers to carry liability insurance, and that they be added as an additional insured. From their perspective, this is a smart move; if something goes wrong with your show, they don’t want to be held liable.

The side effect of their decision, however, is that it creates one more hoop for you to jump through.

By carrying mobile DJ insurance, you present yourself as a professional option to them, and as an added boost, give yourself a leg up on DJs who are not already insured.

Protection From Lawsuits

It’s no secret that we live in a sue-happy society. Consider the following scenarios:

  • A partygoer trips on a wire and gets injured
  • A power surge in your equipment sparks a fire
  • Part of your equipment falls, damaging either the venue or a partygoer

In any of these situations, you may be sued for tens of thousands of dollars. Even if you aren’t found guilty, the defense costs alone can be enough to put a strain on your business. In cases such as these, mobile DJ insurance can help.

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Protection for Your Equipment

There are no two ways about it: your livelihood depends on your equipment, and as a mobile DJ, your equipment is regularly being transported. Unfortunately, a regular insurance policy likely won’t cover your equipment as you transport it from show to show.

In order to protect your equipment, you’ll need a mobile DJ insurance policy that includes equipment protection.

DJ insurance from Canopy gives you the option of adding equipment coverage to an annual DJ insurance plan.

As DJ event insurance doesn’t have optional equipment insurance available, mobile DJs performing more than four or five shows per year will find that an annual plan will be the most effective and affordable option.

Plus, the premium for equipment insurance is considerably less expensive than replacement costs for stolen or damaged equipment.

How to Make Sure You’re Covered

At Insurance Canopy, our policies are structured to meet your needs. Mobile DJs have their selection of a 1-3 day event plan or an annual plan with the option to add equipment coverage. Don’t put off coverage and limit your opportunities since you already know you’ll need DJ insurance before getting hired.

Protect yourself from lawsuits, keep your equipment covered, and put yourself in a favorable position with event administrators with Canopy’s DJ insurance.

Solve your problems before they even get the chance to present themselves. Get mobile DJ insurance from Canopy today.

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