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How To Be Prepared For A Last Minute DJ Gig

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If you are a DJ then you know how chaotic life can be. One minute you are at home having dinner with some family, then you’re on the phone with a club’s manager being asked to come play. You agree, grab your gear, purchase DJ insurance and run out the door.


Friend Can’t Do a Gig

One of your friends can no longer DJ a party because they fell ill or had an emergency. If you only have a couple days notice to perform, that’s a pretty stressful situation and can lead to not having your paperwork in order. Some venues require DJ’s to list them as an additional insured on their policy before they allow them to perform. The last thing you want to have to worry about is getting on the phone with a local insurance agent. What if you have a gig in a matter of hours and your insurance agent has already gone home for the day? If you purchase DJ insurance from Insurance Canopy, you can add an additional insured at any time, 24/7. Your policy is available to download immediately so you can show the venue owner proof of insurance.

Client Wants to Book You Short Notice

If a client calls you and has a wedding in three days and they are without a DJ because theirs canceled on them, would you be able to logistically say, “yes?” Sure, it would be a rush to get everything prepared but if you are able to buy your DJ insurance online in less than 10 minutes that’s one less thing to worry about.

A Promoter Calls You Saying Their DJ Canceled

If this hasn’t happened to you yet, then just wait awhile and it will. A promoter or club manager will call you asking if you can fill in for a DJ that just dropped out. This isn’t a rare scenario. If you don’t do that many gigs a year, you may that call may just find you without an annual DJ insurance policy. Don’t worry. You can purchase an event policy from Insurance Canopy anytime day or night.


Keep Food in Your Go Bag

When duty calls and you haven’t had dinner yet, your stomach and patience are in for a long night. You probably already have a great DJ bag so make sure food like candy, nuts, granola bars, etc are kept well-stocked. No one at the party wants to deal with a hangry DJ.

Put a Checklist On Your Door or Phone

When things are rushed it’s much more likely that you will forget something. Printing out a list of all the things you need to remember or putting a note on your phone that you can look at will save you the stress of having to remember everything.

Don’t Be Too Nervous, You’re The Hero

Even if your set doesn’t go perfectly, it’s a much better set then plugging a club-goers dance playlist into the speakers. You saved the night from a potential disaster and having to cancel the event. You can even hike up your normal rate because of the last-minute nature of the request. Even though you’re probably having to cancel your plans for the night, it’s always nice to make a little extra cash.

Create Your Set During the First Hour

Chances are if you are at a club and are playing for a couple of hours, the first part of your set won’t be very well attended. The most packed part of the night is the latter part so you might as well plug in a more generic, yet still quality, playlist while you work on a custom set during the first hour. The audience won’t notice and by the time everyone is warmed up and ready to go your great stuff will kick in. They may actually be impressed that you are mixing while playing.

Purchase DJ Insurance

Being able to buy DJ insurance anytime, instantly is crucial when you get that last-minute call. Using Insurance Canopy you can fill out an application, buy a policy, and get proof of insurance within minutes. The best part is you can do it completely online.

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