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How to Get Cleaning Contracts in 6 Steps

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Getting cleaning contracts is crucial for business growth in today’s bustling cleaning industry. With high demand for cleaning businesses, especially post-pandemic, the competition is fierce. But don’t worry! This guide will help you with tips and tricks on how to get cleaning contracts – from residential to office cleaning contracts, we’re not leaving anything behind!

Overview of the Cleaning Industry

In today’s competitive cleaning industry, there’s a growing demand for various services like residential and commercial cleaning, janitorial work, and specialized cleaning, especially with the pandemic highlighting the importance of cleanliness. Strict health and safety protocols have become vital post-COVID-19 as clients prioritize cleanliness and disinfection for a safer environment.

Technology is also shaping the industry, with many companies adopting software and apps to improve efficiency and communication. 

What Is a Cleaning Contract and Why Is It Important?

A cleaning contract is an agreement between a cleaning company and a client, laying down all the details of the cleaning job. It covers what needs cleaning, how often it’ll happen, when payments are due, who’s responsible for what, and so on. It’s basically a roadmap for a clean and happy partnership! 

A cleaning contract…

  • Clears up expectations: A cleaning contract lays it all out—what’s getting cleaned, how often, and exactly what tasks are included. With everything agreed upon upfront, both the cleaning company and the client know exactly what to expect, avoiding any confusion or disagreements down the line.
  • Protects everyone involved: By putting everything in writing, both the cleaning company and the client are protected. If there’s ever a disagreement or issue, the contract acts as a guide for sorting things out and sticking to what was agreed upon.
  • Makes sure you get paid: Payment terms are a big part of the contract, covering things like rates, when invoices are sent out, and when payments are due. Having it all in black and white ensures that the cleaning company gets paid on time for their hard work, reducing the risk of missed or late payments.

Key Components of a Cleaning Contract

Here’s a simplified breakdown of the key components typically found in a cleaning contract:

    1. Scope of Services: Lists all the specific cleaning tasks the cleaning service provider will do. It covers where they’ll clean, what type of cleaning they’ll do, and any extra services needed.
    2. Schedule and Frequency: States when the cleaning will happen and how often. It lays out the regular schedule and mentions any extra cleanings if needed.
    3. Cleaning Supplies and Equipment: Talks about who’s bringing the cleaning supplies. It says if the cleaning company brings their own supplies or if the client needs to provide them.
    4. Quality Standards (including special instructions or preferences): Sets the standards for how clean things should be. It might also mention any special requests from the client.
    5. Duration and Termination: States how long the agreement lasts and how either side can end it. It also talks about how much notice is needed and if there are any penalties for ending early.
    6. Insurance and Liability: Says who’s responsible if something goes wrong during the cleaning. It mentions any insurance coverage to keep both sides protected.
    7. Pricing and Payment Terms: Talks about the cost of the cleaning and when payments are due. It includes stuff like the hourly rate, when payments need to be made, and if there are any extra fees.
    8. Confidentiality and Security: Deals with keeping things confidential and secure. It lays out how the cleaning service will protect the client’s property and privacy.

3 Different Types of Cleaning Contracts

Before discussing how to get cleaning contracts, it’s important to understand the different types of cleaning contracts available.

Type 1: Residential Cleaning Contracts

Residential cleaning contracts are agreements between a cleaning company and homeowners who want their homes cleaned regularly. These contracts lay out how often the cleaning will happen, what tasks will be done, and any additional services offered. They can range from regular weekly or bi-weekly cleanings to occasional deep cleanings for special occasions.

Type 2: Commercial Cleaning Contracts

Wondering how to get commercial cleaning contracts? Commercial cleaning contracts are similar to residential ones, but they’re for businesses and other commercial properties. They usually cover bigger areas and more thorough cleaning tasks, like floor waxing, window cleaning, and restroom sanitation. These contracts can be set up for regular cleanings or as needed, depending on the size and requirements of the business.

Type 3: Office Cleaning Contracts

Thinking about how to get cleaning contracts with offices? Office cleaning contracts are all about keeping office spaces clean and hygienic. They usually cover tasks like dusting, vacuuming, taking out the trash, and cleaning restrooms. Like commercial cleaning, these contracts can be set up for regular cleanings or as needed.

Where to Find Cleaning Contracts

Of course, to figure out how to get cleaning contracts with offices and more, you’ll need to find clients. Here’s where you can do just that!

Online Platforms and Marketplaces

A simple way to find cleaning contracts is by using online platforms made for connecting service providers with customers. Think of websites like: 

They let cleaning companies create profiles, show off their services, and bid on cleaning jobs nearby. Since these platforms have lots of users, it’s easier to find potential clients and land contracts.

Networking and Referrals

Making connections and getting referrals from people you know is another thing to consider in how to get cleaning contracts. You can do this by going to industry events, joining local business groups, and getting to know other cleaning pros. 

Also, don’t be shy about asking happy customers to spread the word to their friends and family. It’s all about building relationships and getting your name out there!

Direct B2B/B2C Contracts

Another way to find office cleaning contracts is by reaching out directly to businesses and individuals who might need your help. For businesses, think about office buildings, schools, and healthcare facilities nearby. Let them know you’re available for regular cleaning services and explain why they should choose you. 

For homeowners and Airbnb hosts, spread the word through social media or local ads. You could also try reaching out to people in your community who might need cleaning help. Show them how your services can make their lives easier and their spaces cleaner!

How to Apply for Cleaning Contracts in 6 Steps

In this section, we’ll discuss how to get cleaning contracts.

1. Getting Started

Before diving into finding office cleaning contracts and other kinds, it’s essential to determine your target market and the types of facilities you want to focus on. Consider the level of cleaning required for each type of facility, whether it’s a commercial office, warehouse, or residential property. Evaluate your skills, strengths, and weaknesses to decide which services you’ll offer and tailor them to your target audience. Additionally, factor in your budget and decide how far you’re willing to travel for cleaning jobs.

  • Necessary requirements: To start applying for cleaning contracts, ensure you meet the necessary requirements. These may include obtaining relevant licenses or certifications and setting up your business structure.
  • Pricing structure: Define your pricing structure based on factors like the type of cleaning services offered and the size of the facility.
  • References and testimonials: Gather references and testimonials from satisfied clients to showcase your reliability and professionalism.

2. Finding a Cleaning Contract

Now that you’ve done the background work, you’re ready to start finding cleaning contracts. The first place to start when finding a cleaning contract is to reach out to your network of people that you already know. Perhaps your neighbor owns his own business and is looking for someone to come clean the office each night. Maybe your friend’s friend owns an apartment complex that needs the carpets cleaned every six months. Use the resources you already have to see what business you can get from your current connections. 

Another way to find new clients and get cleaning contracts is to market your business with social media. A common method for today is creating an Instagram account for your cleaning business. You can connect with potential clients in your area, post engaging content, share your services and pricing, and so much more. Use this tool to your advantage. You can also use sponsored posts on Instagram so that your posts can reach certain ages, genders, and locations—helping you find more business. 

We also recommend carrying business cards with you to obtain cleaning contracts. Handing out business cards will give your clients a good first impression of your business, showing that you are professional. You don’t need to be pushy when it comes to handing out your business cards—you can find a way to casually give anyone a business card. You can also design and print pamphlets, which you can hand out. These pamphlets can include impressive before and after photos, prices and services, and an FAQ section. These techniques are sure to help you get more cleaning contracts.

3. Customizing Your Proposals

When customizing your proposals, tailor them to the specific needs of each potential client. Highlight your strengths and unique selling points, and clearly outline the scope of services you’ll provide. Be transparent about your pricing and payment terms, and address any concerns or questions the client may have.

4. Obtaining a Cleaning Contract

Once you have marketed your services, you’ll want to make it easy for your clients to book with you. You can do this with an online cleaning software so they don’t even have to call anyone. Make sure that if they request a quote for the type of cleaning they are interested in, the turnaround time is quick and you don’t leave them waiting. Your goal should be to make the process of booking with you as easy and quick as possible. Consider including step-by-step directions of how to book with you and how the quote process works. With the software, you can also set up a calendar to track all your appointments, including regular jobs and customer history.

5. Following Up

After submitting your proposals, follow up with potential clients to demonstrate your interest and professionalism. Keep communication open and responsive, and address any feedback or questions promptly. Following up shows your dedication and commitment to providing excellent service, which can help you secure cleaning contracts in the long run.

6. Getting Feedback

Follow up with your clients to ensure they are satisfied with your work so they’ll maintain that cleaning contract with you. If they aren’t happy with your work, you’d rather hear it from them so you can correct it, instead of seeing a negative review online. After each appointment, you can ask them how their experience was and if they’re satisfied. You can also email or text them a short survey with a couple of questions and a space for them to provide any feedback, and you can also ask them to give you a positive review online. This will help you boost your business online and see what you’re doing well as a company.

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4 Benefits of Cleaning Contracts for Your Business

Here are some of the key benefits of cleaning contracts for cleaning businesses:

Predictable Income Flow

Cleaning contracts mean regular income for your business. When you’ve got clients booked for routine cleanings, you can plan your finances better. This keeps things stable and secure.

Building Lasting Client Connections

Cleaning contracts aren’t just about getting the job done—it’s about building relationships. When you consistently provide top-notch cleaning and meet your clients’ needs, you earn their trust. This trust can lead to more business from them and referrals to others, boosting your reputation and growing your client list.

Opportunities for Business Growth

Cleaning contracts lay the groundwork for expanding your business. As you add more clients and offer more services, your revenue and profits can grow. Plus, you might upsell extra services to your current clients, like deep cleaning or special treatments, bringing in even more income.

Protecting Your Business From Potential Risks Through Contracts

Cleaning contracts serve as a safety net for your cleaning business. They lay out all the important details of your agreement. If any issues arise, the contract provides a clear framework for resolving them and protecting your business interests.

FAQs About Cleaning Contracts

What Happens if a Client Wants to Terminate the Contract Early?

If a client wants to end a cleaning contract before it’s due, the contract’s terms come into play. Some contracts have rules for early termination, like giving notice or paying a fee.

Is It Necessary to Have Insurance Before Entering into a Cleaning Contract?

It’s strongly advised to have cleaning business insurance before signing a cleaning contract. Insurance safeguards both the cleaning provider and the client in case of accidents, damages, or unexpected events. It offers reassurance and financial protection if any liability issues occur during the cleaning services.

Can I Modify the Terms of the Contract After It Has Been Signed?

Once you and your client have signed a cleaning contract, it’s usually locked in and hard to change without both parties agreeing. But if you need to tweak anything, it’s best to talk it over with the other side and find common ground. Depending on what needs adjusting, you might need to add a note or even make a whole new contract to make it official.

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