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50+ Supplies You Need To Start a Cleaning Business in 2024

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If you’re asking yourself, “What supplies do I need to start a cleaning business?” You’re in the right place! To kickstart your business venture, you’ve got to have a solid cleaning supply list to meet your client’s needs. In this blog, we’ll dive into the best cleaning supplies for cleaning business startups and explore how you can get started with collecting your inventory. 

The Importance of Having the Right Cleaning Supplies

Having the right cleaning supplies for cleaning business startups is crucial. It’s like having the right tools for any job—it makes all the difference. Using good quality products not only gets the job done well but also keeps customers happy and coming back. Plus, when your team has the right gear, they can work faster and better.

Essential Cleaning Supplies Checklist For All Jobs

When setting up your cleaning business, it’s crucial to begin with the essentials. Each cleaning business is different and offers various services, so you will need to research your specific industry for other service-specific products. 

Here’s a list of cleaning supplies for cleaning business startups to ensure you’re well-equipped for your first cleaning job:

    • Various cleaners (e.g., glass cleaner, surface cleaner)
    • Vacuum cleaner
    • Duster
    • Rubber gloves
    • Trash bags
    • Broom and mop
    • Bucket
    • Microfiber cloth

Residential Cleaning Supply List

Residential cleaners, also known as house cleaners, focus on home cleaning services and may need basic supplies like the following:

    • Disinfectant cleaner: Used for disinfecting the client’s space.
    • Vacuum cleaner: A top-notch vacuum that cleans all carpets is preferred.
    • Duster: Having long and short dusters is essential to keeping your client’s space clean and dust-free.
    • Rubber gloves: This protects your hands and ensures they aren’t exposed to cleaning chemicals all day on the job.
    • Trash bags: You will need trash bags to dispose of any trash you find while cleaning.
    • Various cleaners: You’ll need a glass cleaner, toilet bowl cleaner, carpet cleaner, and so on.
    • Broom and mop: Essential to cleaning any tile or hardwood floor. Don’t forget to get a dustpan with your broom and mop cleaner.
    • Bucket: A cleaner’s best friend. Use it to carry your supplies and as a water holder.
    • Microfiber cloth: Used on any surface – glass, wood, mirrors, etc.
    • Shoe covers: Go the extra mile and show your customers you care about keeping their space clean.
    • Laundry bag: Used to collect dirty clothes and rags for washing and reuse.
    • Brushes and squeegees: You will need a toilet bowl brush, tile brush, and squeegees.
    • Uniforms or cleaning aprons with company logo: Enhances professionalism and protects your clothes.

Commercial Cleaning Supply List

Commercial cleaners handle larger places like offices, stores, etc. They tackle bigger tasks and use various cleaning products and special equipment for things like windows or pressure cleaning.

    • Industrial-strength disinfectant cleaner: Crucial for thorough disinfection in commercial settings.
    • Commercial-grade floor scrubber: For large office and facility floors.
    • Heavy-duty vacuum cleaner: Handles extensive carpet cleaning in commercial spaces.
    • Commercial trash bins: Designed for higher capacity and durability.
    • Industrial mop and bucket: For efficient floor cleaning.
    • High-dust cleaning tools: Used to reach high and remote spots in commercial settings.
    • Specialized cleaning products: Such as industry-specific cleaners like restaurant-grade or healthcare disinfectants.
    • Pressure washer: Ideal for outdoor and industrial cleaning.
    • Commercial-grade window cleaning equipment: Such as squeegees, poles, and scrapers for large windows.
    • Commercial cleaning carts: Organizes and transports supplies efficiently.
    • Floor buffer and polisher: Maintains hard floor appearances.
    • Janitorial cart: Stores and transports supplies within large facilities.
    • Uniforms with company logo: Enhances professionalism in commercial environments.

Carpet Cleaning Supply List

For carpet cleaning, having the right tools is paramount to achieving pristine results. Here’s what you’ll need:

    • Carpet extractor: Remove deep-seated dirt and stains with a powerful carpet extractor.
    • Carpet cleaning solution: Choose a reliable cleaning solution tailored for carpets to achieve optimal results.
    • Spot remover: Address stubborn stains promptly with an effective spot remover.
    • Carpet rake: Restore carpet fibers to their original texture and appearance with a carpet rake.
    • Carpet grooming brush: Ensure a uniform carpet finish by grooming the fibers post-cleaning.
    • Carpet deodorizer: Leave behind a fresh scent and eliminate odors with a quality carpet deodorizer.
    • Cleaning apron or uniform: Stay tidy and professional with a dedicated cleaning apron or uniform.

Janitorial Cleaning Supply List

For janitorial cleaning services, efficiency and effectiveness are key. Here’s a rundown of the essential cleaning supplies for cleaning business startups:

    • Paper towels: Stock up on durable paper towels for quick cleanup tasks.
    • Trash can liners: Keep waste receptacles clean and sanitary with proper liners.
    • Restroom cleaners: Maintain hygiene standards with specialized cleaners for restrooms.
    • Toilet bowl brush: Ensure toilets are sparkling clean with a sturdy toilet bowl brush.
    • Air freshener: Create a pleasant atmosphere by eliminating unpleasant odors with an effective air freshener.
    • Hand soap and sanitizer: Promote hand hygiene with readily accessible hand soap and sanitizer.
    • Dustpan and brush set: Tackle dust and debris efficiently with a durable dustpan and brush set.
    • Janitorial cart: Organize your supplies and streamline your workflow with a functional janitorial cart.
    • Uniforms with company logo: Present a professional image and reinforce brand identity with customized uniforms.

Window Cleaning Supply List

For clean and clear windows that shine, make sure your window cleaners are equipped with the following supplies:

    • Window cleaning solution: Achieve streak-free results with a high-quality window cleaning solution.
    • Squeegee: Effortlessly remove water and cleaning solution from windows with a reliable squeegee.
    • Window scrubber: Loosen dirt and grime from window surfaces with a durable window scrubber.
    • Extension pole: Reach high windows safely and efficiently with an extendable pole.
    • Ladder: Ensure access to windows at various heights with a sturdy ladder.
    • Window cleaning bucket: Keep your cleaning solution easily accessible in a dedicated window cleaning bucket.
    • Microfiber towels: Polish windows to a pristine shine with lint-free microfiber towels.
    • Razor scraper: Remove stubborn residue and buildup from windows with a razor scraper.
    • Uniforms with company logo: Enhance professionalism and brand recognition with personalized uniforms.
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Build Your Cleaning Inventory

A well-rounded cleaning inventory is an essential asset for your business. It serves as your toolkit for delivering high-quality services. Equipped with the right cleaning supplies for cleaning business startups, you can efficiently meet your client’s needs, ensuring their satisfaction and fostering repeat business. A comprehensive cleaning supply list enables you to address various cleaning tasks, from residential to commercial settings; it equips you with the necessary tools and products for diverse surfaces and cleaning requirements.

Furthermore, a well-maintained inventory system facilitates organization and minimizes the risk of running out of critical items during ongoing jobs. Simply put, investing in and cultivating a strong cleaning inventory substantially contributes to the success and expansion of your cleaning business.

Tips for Building Your Cleaning Supply List

Now that we’ve answered your question, “What supplies do I need to start a cleaning business?”, it’s time to go over some tips on how you can build your own cleaning supply list.

Tip 1: Buy Cleaning Products at Wholesale

It’s important to understand that you can and should buy your professional cleaning products at wholesale. What you don’t want to do is go to the grocery store, go straight to the cleaning aisle, and stock up on cleaning supplies–this method will cost you a lot more money.

Running a cleaning business means you’ll frequently require supplies in large quantities. Going for wholesale suppliers gives you access to bulk items at discounted rates, resulting in substantial cost savings.

Since there are many different types of cleaning businesses, search around the net for the best wholesaler near you so you can get the supplies you need at the best price available. Wholesalers also provide the benefit of regular shipments, guaranteeing a consistent supply of cleaning products to keep your business fully stocked at all times.

Tip 2: Always Use Your Own Products

It’s a pro move to never rely on your clients’ cleaning products. Instead, always bring your trusted professional cleaning supplies to your customers’ location. You’re familiar with your products, so you can use them to their full potential—knowing exactly when and how to use each product ensures thorough and effective cleaning. 

Also, by providing your own cleaning products, you can include their cost in your service, offering a comprehensive cleaning experience. This approach benefits you and assures your clients of your commitment to top-notch service, justifying a slightly higher cleaning service price.

Tip 3: Invest in Quality Tools

Don’t skimp on the tools of the trade! Investing in high-quality cleaning equipment might seem like a splurge, but it pays off big time in the long run. Quality tools not only last longer but also deliver superior results, making your job easier and your clients happier. From sturdy mops to powerful vacuums, choose tools that can stand up to the toughest grime.

FAQs About Cleaning Businesses

What’s the Difference Between Commercial and Residential Cleaning Supplies?

The primary difference between commercial and residential cleaning supplies is their intended purpose and strength. Commercial supplies are made for more extensive and challenging cleaning in places like offices, hospitals, and restaurants. They often have potent chemicals and may need special tools. In contrast, residential supplies are for everyday home cleaning on surfaces like countertops and floors. They’re gentler and safer for homes with kids or pets.

Are There Specific Cleaning Regulations I Should Be Aware of for Commercial Spaces?

Yes, there are particular cleaning rules for commercial spaces to be mindful of. These rules can differ depending on the industry and location, but some common ones involve keeping things clean and hygienic, disposing of waste correctly, routinely disinfecting surfaces, and following safety rules for workers. It’s also essential to think about any specific regulations for handling cleaning equipment, chemicals, or hazardous materials if they apply. Complying with these rules isn’t just about cleanliness; it’s also about steering clear of legal problems and fines.

Do I Need Insurance for My Cleaning Business?

Cleaning business insurance is a must. Although it isn’t mandated by law, being a cleaner involves working in different places and with various properties and gear. Accidents can happen, like damaging your client’s items or causing an injury to you or your team. Without insurance, you’d have to foot the bill for any harm or injuries during your services. Insurance offers financial protection and peace of mind, covering costs like legal fees, medical bills, and property damage. Check out our cleaning business insurance guidebook to learn more!

Kickstart Your Cleaning Business with Insurance Canopy!

And there you have it! You’re all set to build your cleaning supply list. Remember, you don’t have to acquire everything at once; you can gradually build up your inventory.

Now that you know all the must-have supplies for your cleaning business, it’s time to take that vital next step. Ensure the safety and success of your business with Insurance Canopy! We’ve got your back with tailored insurance solutions designed to shield your cleaning business from whatever life throws your way. From cleaning insurance to specialized coverage like house cleaning insurance, janitorial business insurance, carpet cleaning insurance, and more! Complete your cleaning business insurance application today!

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