How to Host a Silent DJ Party

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A silent DJ party, also known as a silent disco or a silent rave, started to become a familiar term in the DJ community around 2005. A silent disco is where a DJ performs their music, but instead of the music being played on loud speakers, each guest attendee wears LED wireless headphones and listens to the music through them. This is done through a radio transmitter instead of using a typical speaker sound system. 

Silent DJ parties have become increasingly popular over the past years because of the experience it provides—there can be multiple different channels or playlists playing (different types of music for the crowd), and your guests can continue partying past normal noise curfews. Many silent DJ parties take place on top of rooftops, at venues and clubs, and even in homes. 

Today we’ll explain how you can host your own silent DJ party to increase business and switch things up a bit. 

Gather Your Equipment

The first step to hosting a silent DJ party is to gather all your needed equipment. As mentioned above, silent DJ parties need different equipment, like wireless headphones. Aside from your typical DJ equipment, like power and audio cables, you’ll need to either rent or purchase the amount of LED wireless headphones you need. You may also want to consider renting/purchasing a few more headphones than you need in case extra guests show up or if a couple do not work or get damaged. If you plan on hosting several silent DJ parties, it may be best to buy the headphones instead of renting them. 

You will also need to purchase 1–3 radio transmitters and a music source, like a phone or a laptop, for each transmitter. You will decide the number of transmitters you need based on how many channels or playlists you would like to play at a time at your party. Depending on the transmitter, the music can be transmitted to the wireless headphones for up to 100 meters, or 328 feet.

Select the Right Venue

Your venue for hosting a silent DJ party does not need to be large. The type of event you are performing at may help imply the type of venue. For example, if you’re playing a silent DJ party for a wedding, that venue may be different than a birthday party. When selecting a venue, think about how many guests will be in attendance and make sure the space is large enough for all guests to dance around, but small enough so the room doesn’t feel empty. 

Keep in mind that you won’t need to worry about hauling all your heavy equipment, like speakers to the venue, since silent DJ parties require different equipment. This will allow for more space for the party guests.

Create Your Playlists

Because silent DJ parties allow you to play more than one playlist at a time, you have the opportunity to create multiple playlists. When your guests are at your event, they can tune in to these different playlists on the headphones whenever they’d like. You can create these playlists based on your audience and the type of music they like. You could have electronic dance music, hip hop, and oldies all playing at the same time for your guests to choose from. Have fun with this step and get creative with the music you select!

Purchase DJ Insurance

You wouldn’t want to perform any DJ business operations without first having DJ insurance. Insurance Canopy provides two different types of DJ insurance—event insurance and annual insurance. The event policy is active for 1–3 days, so it’s perfect if you’re hosting one event over the weekend, or are playing at a venue for 1–3 days. The event base policy costs $59, which is a small price to pay to protect your business and its assets.

The annual policy is designed for DJs who perform at shows and parties year round and need constant coverage. With the annual DJ insurance policy, you also have the option to purchase coverage for your tools and equipment, in case any of it gets damaged or stolen. You can read more about the two insurance policies here.

Have Fun!

We hope this article was useful in understanding how you can host your own silent DJ party. Make sure you have the right equipment, select the right venue, create your playlists, and get insured. When planning your silent DJ party, invite all your friends and family so you can have a fun and successful party. We wish you the best of luck with your silent DJ party!

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