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How To Survive Covid Restrictions As A DJ

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DJs everywhere are dealing with canceled gigs. It’s a hard thing to go through when you have business goals and things you wanted to accomplish. Today, we are here to tell you about some ways to enhance your business and serve your clients better. Whether you have just started in the business or have been dropping beats for years, here are 4 ways DJs can survive during COVID restrictions.

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Engagement parties, weddings, and family events have been postponed or canceled due to Coronavirus. According to one survey distributed by LendingTree, “63% of engaged Americans have postponed their weddings because of the Coronavirus outbreak. Just 22% said they’re moving forward with their original plans, while 8% are opting for a courthouse marriage or elopement instead.”

There are many engaged couples who can’t move forward with their dream wedding and are missing out on having their loved ones gather. As a DJ, you are missing out on income during wedding season and it’s tough to see your revenue decrease

Everyone is going through a hard time. It’s easier to reschedule any cancellations with flexible policies during this unprecedented time. Put yourself in their shoes and try your best to understand your clients’ situations. Maybe consider retracting your “no refunds” policy and implementing a partial refund. In the long run, this tactic is an investment in your reputation and your client relationships. Clients may appreciate the extra care and could use your service in the future


You can still market your business!

All you need to do is diversify and offer services that fit your clients’ needs. While you’ve been focused on dropping those beats and making gigs memorable for guests, it can be helpful to add other services (especially now that large events aren’t able to happen).

Many people have made their guest lists shorter and aren’t able to accommodate DJs at the moment. Consider creating personalized playlist packages for clients to purchase or offering consultations about music materials.

Whether you are trying to stay in touch with current or past clients, be sure to keep the connection positive. It’s okay if they aren’t interested in your service at that point — they could always recommend you to their friends!


As a business owner, you wear lots of hats and your time is filled with many activities. Since business is down at the moment, you may want to look for ways to improve and push forward. Is there a certain area of your business that needs some extra attention? Take this opportunity to pinpoint it and make it better.

You could possibly review the following:

  • Website
  • Social media profiles
  • Marketing materials
  • Business contract

One of the best ways to help your business is to network and increase your industry knowledge. What are fellow DJs up to? How are they handling their business?

Linkedin: This platform gives users the opportunity to create a personal profile and a business profile. Linkedin offers useful business content and a chance to connect with DJs in your industry.

Facebook: Facebook offers a group feature on its platform and can be used to connect with others with similar interests. You could utilize the group feature to learn more from fellow DJs and connect with people with industry experience. All you need to do is join a group that fits your needs and start connecting.

Forums: The nice thing about forums is that there are many topics to choose from and talk about with fellow DJs. It’s easy to register and you can connect with DJs in a matter of minutes. Check out this forum for starters!


We hope these tips are helpful and that you’ll be able to implement what works best for your situation. Keep in mind things will pick up again! People everywhere are eagerly waiting to host their events and want to include your services. For the time being, enhance your business, maintain a positive relationship with your clients, and be readily available with insurance. At Insurance Canopy, we strive to be a resource for you and your business. We’ve protected thousands of DJs and can do the same for you. Learn more about our DJ insurance coverage.


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