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With more and more people learning about the benefits of CBD, it’s no surprise we’re seeing an uptick in the creation and launch of CBD infused products. The World Health Organization has even reported that CBD is generally safe and does not pose a potential health risk1, which has allowed for an increase of products on our store shelves. From your typical dispensary to retail stores in a mall, CBD products can be found everywhere! And if you work in any part of the supply chain of CBD products, whether that be in production, distribution, or retail, there’s one very important thing you need: CBD insurance. With CBD insurance you’re protected against third-party claims that arise out of your business operations, and that goes for anyone in the supply chain of the product. Are you someone who is also looking to insure business property or employees? Insurance Canopy offers insurance for your product and can insure your business property and more through endorsements and bundled policies.

CBD products have been used to aid in alleviating stress, anxiety, and various forms of pain. It doesn’t pose a high abuse risk1 and will come in a variety of forms. You might be wondering what kinds of CBD products out there are insurable and today we’re here to give you a breakdown of CBD insurance and the wide variety of products Insurance Canopy can help you protect.

If you don’t see your product listed, don’t worry! There are so many new products emerging every day and our agents can verify for you if your product can be covered with our CBD insurance policy.



The easiest way to consume CBD is through sublingual application. CBD can be sold in its pure oil form and are labeled as “tinctures” that are consumed with a dropper under or above the tongue.

CBD tinctures must be labeled properly with the percentage of CBD clearly visible. Improperly labeling could pose a potential insurance risk.

CBD Capsules & Supplements

One way more people are supplementing their diets is with CBD capsules or supplements. These products are often either clear capsules solely filled with CBD or a combination of vitamins and minerals infused with CBD.

CBD Edibles

Chocolate, hard candy, gummies, sports drinks, waters, and flavored drinks—there are many tasty ways to enjoy consuming CBD and if you’re in the supply chain of anything edible, you’ll need insurance to protect against risk.

If your edible products aren’t labeled properly with information such as being produced in a facility that also uses eggs, soy, dairy, or nuts, and someone consumes them and then has an allergic reaction, you could be on the hook for legal fees and their personal medical expenses.

Bath and Body Products

We’re talking lotions, salves, balms, bath bombs, body oils, infused-perfumes, facial products, hair masks, and nail products. CBD bath and body products have been used to aid in inflammation, chronic pain, acne, psoriasis, anti-aging, and much more. These products can be insured with Insurance Canopy, providing you with the peace of mind you need to keep creating or selling such products.

If someone were to use a product such as these and experienced an adverse skin reaction, you could potentially be sued.


Just like with regular psychoactive cannabis, smoking and vaping CBD is also an option in aiding with a variety of health issues. If you’re in the manufacturing or distribution of vaporizable CBD oil cartridges, then your product can also be insured with Insurance Canopy.

Pet products

Some people will give their pets CBD for the same reasons they choose to consume it: to aid with anxiety and stress relief. CBD for pets is a fast-growing part of the industry so if you need a CBD pet product insured, Insurance Canopy can likely help out.


With CBD insurance, you’re protected against third-party claims that arise out of your day-to-day operations. Depending on which part of the supply chain you take part in, these risks may look different but one thing that doesn’t change is the need to insure your actual CBD product with CBD insurance. Insurance Canopy can help quote startup businesses and established businesses alike, providing them with A+ rated insurance from some of the top carriers in the industry. Learn more about our following policies:

Our agents have over a decade of experience in the insurance industry and can help you determine the coverage you need for your cannabusiness. Don’t leave your livelihood unprotected and get a quote for your CBD product today.

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1. Expert Committee on Drug Dependence. 2017. World Health Organization Cannabidiol Report

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