A Legacy of Personal Trainers Leading to a Charitable Small Business

Hilary McClung has worked as a personal trainer in various gyms for the past 7 years, but has recently branched out on her own in Boston with UpHil Fitness. She’s used Insurance Canopy’s Personal Trainer Insurance to protect herself along the way.

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“I come from a family of personal trainers, which was the catalyst to me pursuing my B.S. and M.S. in Exercise Science. I do my best to always be learning something new, whether it be from reading, listening to a podcast or meeting new people. My goal in life is to always be grateful for every new day and to always have a new goal to strive for.”

“It has always been a dream of mine to go off on my own to train individuals using my own experience and knowledge. In addition, I have always felt a desire to give back. With UpHil Fitness, I can do both.”

For Hillary, personal training is more than a business. Not only does she build her client's through unique programs. She also knows the importance of giving back to the community and helping those who need it most.

“I create customized training programs for clients and make sure that they’re anything but cookie cutter. Most importantly, 50% of my proceeds go to Happy Life Children's Home to help support abandoned babies.”

Making Fitness Enjoyable

Hilary is focused on setting her clients up with sustainable and individualized fitness programs. This means, in large part, that her programs are set up in a way that encourages her clients to have fun while they work out.

“More than anything else, my top priority is to help my clients reach their individual goals. I’m not a salesman—I truly want others to find the joy in being healthy, improving their quality of life and making sure that they stick with the program long-term.”

The secret to crafting a training program that won’t result in a client getting burned-out?

“If a fitness program is too serious, it won’t be enjoyable and the client won’t stick with it. I like to find a happy balance that gets results in a healthy safe way while still pushing to work hard.”

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An Emphasis on Organic Growth

Starting and running a small business is always difficult, and each business has their own path to growth. For UpHil Fitness, growth has come organically, as Hilary’s reputation, education, and experience precedes her.

“My business is growing gradually through social media. I’ve also grown through connections with old clients and their referrals as well.”



This natural growth is possible because of Hilary’s genuine interest in her clients’ goals.

“My favorite part about this career is getting to meet people, I love learning about them, learning from them, and creating new relationships through the work we do together.”

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Striking a Balance

Hilary has a genuine passion for personal training, and she’s accrued the education and experience necessary to make her business successful. Her advice?

“Find something you love and make sure you have a balance in your life of work and play.”


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