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The Complete Guide To Insurance For Djs

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DJ playing a show

The term ‘DJ’, meaning disk jockey, has been around since the 1930s. The first DJ dance party was in England in 1943, where people gathered together to listen to jazz music. Since then, DJs have become very popular as they have remixed and played music at parties, weddings, corporate events, and more.

Although being a DJ is a fun job, it comes with its risks. Because of that, we’re going to walk you through what’s included in Insurance Canopy’s DJ insurance and how it can benefit you.


There are several different accidents that can happen while a DJ is performing. One of the most common incidents we see claims for is someone tripping on equipment, like a speaker cord. Did you know you can be held liable for any accident that is caused by your equipment? With this same example, if your equipment gets damaged at an event, Tools and Equipment Coverage can help protect your gear.

You’ll always want to be prepared for the unexpected. With so much going on at parties, concerts, and events, you most likely won’t be able to avoid every possible accident. With DJ insurance, you can have peace of mind and a financial safety net for when those accidents occur.


Insurance Canopy provides affordable, quality insurance for professional DJs nationwide. Our policy is structured specifically for DJ, VJ, and KJ professionals. We provide A+ rated general liability insurance with an easy online instant application process. You can be prepared for your DJ event by purchasing our 1–3 day policy, or other policies available.

The Insurance Canopy DJ Insurance policy offers you:

  • General Aggregate ($2,000,000)
  • Products Completed Operations Aggregate ($2,000,000)
  • Personal and Advertising Injury ($1,000,000)
  • Damage to Premises Rented to You ($300,000)

To learn more about our DJ Insurance policy, check out a comprehensive list of our policy details on our website.

How Much Does DJ Insurance Cost?

Insurance Canopy’s DJ Insurance policy costs $59 for 1–3 day coverage, and $199 for a year’s worth of coverage. If you would like to purchase a monthly policy and pay $16 per month, take a look at our monthly policy details. If you DJ events year round, our annual policy for DJ insurance allows you to make one yearly payment. We also offer the option to turn on our EZ-Renew feature so your policy automatically renews each year, keeping you constantly covered and worry-free.

If you’d like to add any additional coverages to your policy, like Excess Liability Insurance, this option will be available at checkout. This coverage will come in handy if you need an extra layer of protection above your general liability limit. You can find all of this information, and more, on the Insurance Canopy website.

Can I Add Additional Insureds?

At times, a club, venue, or a client may require that you add them to your policy as an additional insured. You can add additional insureds when filling out your insurance application, or any time afterwards. Additional insureds receive protection from a potential claim that might arise because of your DJ business-related actions. One additional insured costs $15, and an unlimited amount costs $30.

How Can I Fill Out an Application?

You can check out Insurance Canopy’s coverage details today to read through the specifics of the policies offered. We’ve made it easy for you, so you can purchase your DJ insurance policy online in 10 minutes or less.


If you have additional questions or any concerns, feel free to contact our licensed insurance agents. We’re here to help you understand the details of your policy and make sure your DJ business is protected. Purchase a DJ insurance policy through Insurance Canopy today so you can do what you love with peace of mind.

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