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Why You Need DJ Insurance

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As a DJ, KJ, or VJ, you know that a great deal of preparation goes into any event. From transporting and setting up equipment to actually putting together a setlist of music to play, you know that DJing an event is a comprehensive task.

Despite your best efforts, however, DJing an event carries with it the inherent risk that something could go wrong. Ranging from equipment failure to a party-goer injury, you carry a great deal of responsibility. That’s why you need DJ liability insurance.

If you haven’t spent much time pondering the intricacies of DJ insurance, that’s okay; we don’t expect you to. We’ve got you covered. Below, we’ve put together a list of the main benefits of DJ liability insurance and why you need it today:

DJ Insurance Protects You From Liability

You interact with party goers, often at close quarters, in an environment when people tend to be less than careful. A stumble into your table or a trip over a cord could result in injury. From this injury could stem a lawsuit, in which you could be held liable. The legal process can be expensive, even if you win your case, and the financial ramifications can derail your business.

This is where DJ insurance becomes necessary. If you’ve purchased a policy before your event, you’ll have coverage should things take a turn for the worse. Insurance can cover potential expenses you’re held liable for as well as the defense costs you accrue.

Insurance for DJs Can Help You Get More Gigs

Not only are you at risk while you perform, the event administrators you work with are, too. It would likely be the case that, in the event that a lawsuit is filed against you, one will be filed against them as well.

For this reason, most event venues now require their performers to carry insurance. If you come prepared with proof of insurance when looking for gigs, you’ve already cleared an important hurdle. For the sake of giving yourself credibility in the eyes of event organizers, DJ insurance is a smart purchase.

Insurance for DJs Can Protect Your Equipment

Not only will DJ insurance protect you from lawsuits, but it can also protect you from the theft of your equipment. Insurance Canopy’s annual plan provides coverage for you if your equipment is damaged or stolen as you transport it to and from shows. This is coverage that is often missing from homeowners policies, which makes it an essential aspect of your insurance plan.

For example, let’s say you’re traveling to a gig and your equipment gets stolen. Your homeowner’s policy will respond in one of two ways: First, they will determine the theft of your equipment to be excluded from coverage. Second, they may cover you but will likely respond by raising your policy premiums.

However, with DJ insurance, you have the option of getting your business personal property covered through what’s known as “inland marine” coverage, which covers your equipment during transportation.

Get DJ Liability Insurance From Canopy Today!

With Insurance Canopy, you can find “A+ Rated” liability insurance for DJs, KJs, and VJs, as well as musicians and performers. With 1–3-day policies starting at $59 and annual plans starting at $192, you’ll have access one of the best deals on the market. You’ll also have peace of mind while you perform.

At Insurance Canopy, we offer insurance for DJs that meets your needs. If you have gigs scheduled throughout the year, we offer an annual plan with optional equipment coverage. If you only have one or two events on the horizon, we offer a 1-3 day event plan. (For more information on which plan is right for you, click here.)


Annual Insurance

One-Day Event Insurance

DJ Insurance CostFrom $192From $59
General Aggregate$2,000,000$2,000,000
Equipment Coverage AvailableYesNo
Year’s Worth of Coverage—Unlimited ShowsYesNo

If you have more than 3 or 4 gigs each year, the annual plan is the better deal. If you’re looking for coverage for one event and then seeing how your DJ business develops, look at the 1–3 day plan. Regardless of your situation, our customer service representatives are ready to help, and you can complete the entire process online in about 10 minutes.

For DJ 1–3 day event insurance, click here.

For DJ annual insurance, click here.


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