Why You Should Add Tutor Insurance Before Your Next Session

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No two tutoring sessions are alike. Every student learns differently and that is what makes your job interesting. On top of that, you get to help your students understand difficult concepts and can help them academically. While you’re focused on your teaching techniques and helping out your students, you may not be well aware of the risks you may encounter on the job.

Learn why tutor insurance should be included before your next session.


Think of general liability as your first layer of protection. This type of coverage responds to bodily injury and property damage claims that you are legally liable for. We know how carefully you run your business, but mistakes are always possible.

The idea of a client taking you to court is one thing. Imagine if it happened?

One incident during a tutoring session could lead to a heap of legal trouble. Your client could accidentally trip over your laptop charging cord and hurt themselves. The injury may lead to your client receiving medical attention and they may pursue legal action against you.

Other potential claims to consider are accidentally damaging a student’s laptop by knocking your coffee over or damaging a student’s tablet.

Depending on the covered claim, general liability can respond and give you peace of mind. With a $2 million-dollar limit, you can still run your business without worrying about paying legal fees, court fees, and more!

The stress and worry alone can have a small business owner like yourself wondering what the future will hold. Many people can’t handle the financial strain and end up closing their business. With tutor insurance, you can protect your hard work and keep your business afloat.


Professional liability insurance also referred to as errors & omissions insurance coverage, provides protection for defense costs and settlement payments for professional errors, negligence, and omissions on the job.

While general liability insurance coverage safeguards against physical injuries sustained by clients and property damage caused by your business operations, professional liability offers coverage for negligence-related events. In some instances, you may be sued for failure to perform your contracted agreement.

Your client could pursue legal action against you if you don’t deliver on your service. Let’s say your client did not perform well on an entrance exam and blames you for lack of preparation. A lawsuit could add a financial burden and could potentially result in a wrecked reputation in the tutor community.

Professional liability coverage is included in the tutor insurance policy and has a $250,000 limit.


Some injuries aren’t always serious. While we hope your clients never deal with one during a session, there’s no guarantee. Medical expense coverage could be a quick fix for your clients that sustain a minor injury. Even receiving one medical bill for an injury could be a massive financial undertaking and something you won’t want to deal with.

A policy from us includes medical expense coverage (at no extra cost to you). This coverage responds to claims with a medical expenses limit of up to $5,000.

All you need to do is file an insurance claim and the claims adjuster can review your unique situation from there. The best thing you can do is be prepared for the unexpected with tutor insurance.


When you think of insurance, your mind probably goes to waiting around for an insurance quote or being put on hold with an agent. That’s why we created a fast and easy way for our customers to get tutor insurance!

Our online process makes it easy to input your business information, choose your coverage details, and obtain coverage in 10 minutes or less.

When you sign up, you have access to your personalized dashboard. Through your dashboard, you can find your online proof of insurance, file an insurance claim, and more!


You never know what the next tutoring session will hold. That doesn’t mean you can’t be proactive! With tutor insurance from Canopy, it’s easy to protect your hard work with comprehensive coverages, such as general liability, professional liability, and medical expense coverage. Insurance gives you a financial safety net and peace of mind to focus on your improving the business. We hope you’ll choose to protect your business with Canopy. Thank you for your consideration!


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