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How to Become An Online Personal Trainer: Protecting Your Business

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You are working hard to build an online personal training business you are proud of. Just like you would protect your home, car, or personal health with insurance, your business needs protection too.

Exercising comes with its own risks of injuries or damages—everything from someone twisting an ankle while following your workout videos to dropping a heavy weight while filming and damaging the floor in a rented studio. Accidents happen, and in this industry they usually come with a high price tag. It’s a good idea to be ready for them with an insurance policy you can trust.

What Is Personal Trainer Insurance?

Personal trainer insurance is a type of protection plan designed to help you cover the cost of a claim related to your business. It can assist you in paying for medical bills of an injured client, legal fees if you are sued, or the cost to replace stolen filming equipment.

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Isn’t A Waiver The Same Thing As Insurance?

No, a waiver cannot offer you the same protection an insurance policy can. While a waiver helps you and your client establish a mutual understanding of the training, guidelines, and expectations, it does not always prevent an unhappy client from suing you or demanding you pay for their medical bills.

We live in a litigious society, and lawyers are very good at finding loopholes and gray areas in a waiver. Even an insurance policy will not stop someone from suing you, regardless of your fault in the matter. However, an insurance policy can offer you the financial support you need if you have to go to court to defend yourself (such as court fees and hiring an attorney). A waiver simply shows your client signed a document and cannot help you pay any legal fees.

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What Type Of Insurance Might Personal Trainers Use?

There are a lot of different risks you face as a personal trainer, so you want to ensure your business is protected on all sides. This includes protection for your business operations, equipment, any rented spaces, training styles, and even coverage for the advice you give your clients. You also want to make sure your policy can insure you while teaching online, out of your home, or at multiple locations if you’re a hybrid trainer.

Sometimes your home or renters insurance won’t cover any claims related to paid business activities or insure the equipment you use for business purposes. Having liability insurance made for online personal trainers can help fill in that gap in coverage.

Let’s break down some of the common types of policies you may want to look for in a personal trainer insurance plan.

  • General Liability Coverage: This coverage is designed to help with injuries or property damage because of your business operations. This could be someone tripping over your camera equipment while filming in a park or breaking a piece of equipment in the gym trying to record a demonstration for a client.
  • Professional Liability Coverage: Specifically created with teaching and training in mind, this policy is meant to cover you for injuries or damages that occur because of the advice or instruction you gave. A client may sprain their wrist during an exercise you share in a video or break their furniture using resistance bands while following your virtual assistant. This coverage may help pay for those costs.
  • Gear & Equipment Coverage: Also known as Inland Marine or Business Personal Property, this additional policy can help protect the items you use to run your business. Coverage can extend to gear you use in videos, the computer you electronically store your business documents on, and even the camera equipment used for your videos.
  • Dietitian & Nutritionist Coverage: Some online trainers will offer dietary or nutritional advice, such as making meal plans or recommending certain supplements. This can come with the risk of allergic reactions, illnesses, choking, and upset clients. Having this coverage can help cover the cost of a claim associated with any dietary or nutritional advice you give.

Lucky for you, Insurance Canopy offers all of these and more! We are one of the best personal trainer insurance providers on the market by offering the highest limits for the best cost (plus the cheapest Gear & Equipment Coverage). The same way you customize workouts for each client, we customize policies for each policyholder. You can select which additional coverages your business needs and which payment plan is best for you.

Our policies start at just $12.50 per month and can be bought entirely online in 10 minutes or less. You can instantly access your Certificate of Insurance, update your policy at any time, file a claim online, and cancel your policy if anything changes—no questions asked.

So, what are you waiting for? Don’t wait for a claim to happen before you insure your business. Be proactive with your protection and get a low-cost policy fast with Insurance Canopy today!

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