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Increasing Your Reach As A Personal Trainer

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Being a personal trainer is hard work. From managing multiple clients, keeping yourself on track to do your job, and planning training sessions, the last thing on your mind is what you should be doing to market yourself. Getting your name out there and growing your client base might seem difficult but that doesn’t have to be the case! Today we want to give you 5 tips on what you can do to better market yourself as a personal trainer. Plus, we’ll also give you the lowdown on how carrying personal trainer insurance can be part of that process.

Let’s get started.


Have you converted your Facebook and Instagram accounts into business accounts? Or have you created separate accounts for your business efforts? If you haven’t switched or created new ones then we suggest you do it now!

Creating an Instagram business is easy to do. By having a business profile you have the ability to share your industry, an address, and a contact button that isn’t just messaging. The biggest plus of a business profile is that you get access to your analytics which show you your account’s activity and engagement. You can see a post’s performance and help determine when the best time to post would be in the future.

With your Facebook, you have the option to convert your personal profile into a business page which takes a few steps but allows you to connect to those you’re currently friends with and build your page from there. If you want to keep your profile intact for personal use then we suggest you create a business page that will be separate from your actual profile. By having business profiles through social media you increase your reach and have the ability to share posts, use hashtags to reach more people, and follow anyone you think would benefit from following you.


Do you have a website? It’s okay if the answer is a, “No.” If that’s the case, now is the time to create one! With great website hosting platforms such as WixWordPress, and Squarespace, you have many options with user-friendly features that make it a breeze to create a website that’s connected to your social media accounts and tells the story about you and your business. Your website doesn’t even have to be over-the-top, you just want to be sure it’s attractive and showcases material that could get future clients to choose you. If you want some specific advice on how to improve a website check out what these guys have to say.


One great way to reach more people and potentially gain clients is to host an event such as an outdoor workout. The best thing about an outdoor workout is that they can happen with all kinds of weather in effect and you don’t have to rent space for them. You can use a local park in your area depending on the type of workout and just ask individuals to bring the required equipment. You can bring any extra gear you have in case anyone needs something too.

You’ll have to plan the event a couple of weeks to a month out but with your now-updated socials you’ll be able to share the planned event with your followers and friends online. Before you hit share, you’ll want to be sure all the details are listed with information regarding location and the type of workout that will take place. After sharing it’s a matter of continuing to share and advertise your event online.

If you want to take this even further check out this guide on creating and hosting your own outdoor bootcamp which would be that outdoor workout maxxed out.


One of the more difficult things about being a personal trainer is likely following your own advice. It’s one thing to be trusted to create and encourage people’s workout and nutrition plans and another to ensure you’re doing the same amount of work for you. You don’t necessarily have to follow one of those plans yourself but putting your money where your mouth is shows clients how much you trust the information you’ve gathered through your time as a trainer and might even be a kind of encouragement for your clients to see you doing the same as them.

If you’re the type of trainer who has been at it for a while and is looking to streamline any workout or nutrition plans you have before publishing them online or preparing them for a group of people, then following your own plans (which we’re sure you’ve been doing from the start) is likely the best way to check the quality of your work. You can even share your experience with following your own plans online to show your followers what it’s like.


You can update your websites and social media profiles all day long but while you gain clients and continue to work hard, there’s one thing you’re still missing: personal trainer insurance from Insurance Canopy. With personal trainer insurance in hand, you’ll be able to use being insured as a marketing tool and have the ability to be a personal trainer in gyms where you are required to show proof of insurance before being able to start work.

Personal trainer insurance is designed to protect you in the event that you get sued as a result of your negligence or as a result of a general liability claim such as a slip-and-fall incident or property damage at the location of your work. Negligence in a personal training setting would be something like a client getting injured as a result of your insistence they push harder than they typically do and them pulling or tearing a muscle. It could also be something like your direction or instruction being harmful such as you instructing a client to do an exercise a certain way that results in an injury.

We know instances like the above are usually worst-case but what if you did encounter the worst case? Would you be able to financially persevere in the case of a lawsuit? Would you be able to pay legal fees and any associated costs out of pocket? If the answer is no, then you should carry personal trainer insurance.

Personal trainer insurance from Insurance Canopy is available online and can be purchased in less than 10 minutes! Simply fill out our application and decide where you’d like to pay the annual price of $129 or opt for monthly payments of $12.50/mo. Our policy even offers you the option to add nutritionist and dietitian coverage if you operate as such alongside your personal trainer duties.

Your business needs personal trainer insurance, so buy your policy today.

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